Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Happennings


December Happennings

12/6/08 - Saturday - Here are two photos of me in my unitard. Wow...the side view looks so amazing! 

We had our first real snow (not just a few flurries that didn't stick) this morning. I spoke to Mom this evening and she said they were having snow in NJ too.

12/7/08 - Sunday. Wanted to take Katie to the mall, but we overslept. Ended up doing lots of household chores. Glad to get them done! Went to TJ Maxx with just KT and Li for blankets and pillows for the new bed afterwards (and was hoping to find KT a xmas gift...the kind of birth stone necklace she has been wanting for so long, but they were out!)

12/7/08 - Sunday. We were in bed. Makana had to poop. She went into the Hawaii bathroom and sat on her potty seat and got her favorite books out of the magazine holder next to the potty. One of her favorite books is Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas. She tries to turn the pages and tell me the chapter number and page number and sometimes makes up the story or asks questions about the book. I went downstairs to put laundry in. Jim overheard Makana say this: "And the monkey's name is Jesus." We cracked up!

12/08/08 - Monday - Katie dressed Kana up in dress up clothes and a tiarra (sp?). 

12/9/08 - SNOW again! In the AM to the afternoon. Funny story: Kana and I were showering this evening. I was thinking about the baby's upcoming birth and wondered if Kana was interested in being there for it. I said, "Makana, are you going to watch the baby being born?" She looked at me and said, "No. I'm going to be eating a quesadilla!" That cracked me up as it was such an unexpected answer!! So funny what she says.

Kana recently said: "I hear my heart beeping!" (beeping instead of beating)
Says "stink" instead of think. Says "spart" for "fart"..as in "Who sparted?" or "I just sparted!"

12/9 - Tuesday. Need to get off here, but quickly want to write my thoughts. I am so lucky to be pregnant and have a baby inside me. I can't wait to see the baby and find out what gender it is and hold and smell it. Love that baby smell and to see a brand new life Jim and I created and to push it out is miraculous (one of the things that actually makes me think there might be a higher power!). I can't describe how cool it is to feel the baby move. Although I can't always tell if I am feeling a foot or a bottom or arm, I am so happy to feel his/her movement. This baby gets the hiccups so much. More than any other child I've carried. I am feeling positive about having group b strep and all being well with me and the baby. I hope I don't take on the fear of others or those who are exploring this for the first time.  I really was feeling so great until they seemed unsure about my health and the baby's wellbeing. I am an asymptomatic carrier of gbs. I have been. I had it in my urine at the beginning of my pregnancy with Makana and I did some alternative things and all was well. But actually I wasn't tested again for it, so I don't know if I had it or not at the time of delivery. The best article I read about it is in Mothering Magazine from Nov/Dec 2003. Think I'll print it out for Ellie/Donna, or at least email it to them. Signing off!

12/11 - Ice storm (karate cancelled)
12/12 - Ice and then Rain came ...got much warmer out...50's. Took Li to the Strike Zone. A nice guy gave Li a whole pack of cards and Li was so excited. Li had a warm up game with some people waiting to enter a tournament. Then we had to go before the tournament began. Makana was able to stay for quite a while because there was a dog (Maya) there to entertain her as well as a little tv playing the last episode of Total Drama Island which we had all watched Thursday (last) night.

12/13/08 - Saturday - I turned 40 this day. Mom and Neil called before I headed out for ballet and sang to me on the phone. After ballet I picked up Li and Katie and went to Katie's basketball game. Li was so snuggly there. He brought his Magic Cards. We enjoyed watching KT play. Wolfie stayed home as Kana didn't want to go out. Then the kids and I went to the Bagel Cafe and had lunch. Li chatted with a father and son who he saw at the Strike Zone on Friday 12/12 just before a tournament began. We brought bagels home for Wolfie and Kana and then I went to my own ballet class. Before class, I met Heather to pick up some baby items she is kindly passing onto us. I didn't puch myself in class, but my lower back did end up aching a little. And later in the night my legs were shaky when I walked up or down stairs. A good workout overall and it felt nice to be in class again! Li called me in the middle of class to make sure we wouldn't miss the Speno's party. I told him I'd be home in 15 minutes. And so I left class a little early - which was fine as grand allegro would be rather difficult and I would basically just mark it anyway instead of doing it full out. As soon as I came home, I quickly changed and Jim and Katie left for the Lighthouse Museum in Rockland where Jim was showing some of his lighthouse photos. See below for a shot of his pictures at the Lighthouse Museum in Rockland. He is donating 20% of anything sold to the museum. One sold! 

Then Kana changed into a party dress (unlike her, but she agreed to my suggestion as I was wearing a skirt and top which is unlike me!). She, Li and I went to the party and enjoyed ourselves and then Wolfie and Katie joined us.

11/15/08 - Monday - Kyler, Isaiah and Kara came to visit. Then Kara took Li to karate and I took Keely and Katie to basketball. Picked Li up from karate and then met the Speno's at the playgym at the YMCA. Saw Adam, Sam and Zoe there too. The usual crew of fun played together!

11/16/08 - Visited Lynn and family in Belfast for the first time. Carolyn and kids were there too. Had a nice visit! Li and Katie stayed with the Walauski's while Kana and I went to my midwife appointment. Turns out Ellie and Donna went to a birth about ten minutes before my appointment. So I just had an appointment with Anna. Kana was a busy girl. Had to keep reminding her not to throw things like wooden blocks. This age can be challenging. Nice to chat with Anna. Baby doing fine. I think I weighed about 182 pounds. Kana took some pictures of me and the wooden structure  she made. 

Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Happenings


November Happennings

11/1 - Li had his first Award Ceremony for karate and later that afternoon we joined other karate families for bowling.

Between those events, I began another ballet session in which I have 11 girls! Wow, big class!

We had a month of dental and eye appointments. No cavities for anyone! Set Makana up with an appointment late in the spring at Dr. Susan Russett Collette's office (we'll see if she's willing and interested to sit in the chair for a peek at her teeth. Think she will like it.)

At some point this month...or was it in October?....all three kids made the "Wolfrum Family Restaurant and Cafe!" What a menu! Beautiful! Bella! Delicious! So kind of them to make a special dinner for Jim and me! We enjoyed it and loved perusing the fancy menu they made together! (I will add photos of the menu at some point!)

Had the furnace cleaned.

Katie is doing basketball on Monday and Friday nights and having games on Saturdays. Sometimes the kids and I go to the YMCA on Monday nights for rock climbing and time to play in the play gym. We usually meet the same families there doing the same thing.

At some point this month....watched Louise Hay's "You can heal your life" DVD that I borrowed from Rosie.
11/8 - Saturday - Li and Makana and Wolfie had haircuts at the Jone's Brothers barber shop downtown. Li really wanted a mohawk. He got one, but agreed to not have the sides shaven until he tries this little bit longer style out first to see if he likes it. He was so excited to have a mohawk. (And yes, shortly thereafter Makana began asking for one! Stay tuned as she may decide to get one sometime in the future!)

11/10 - Kara, Isaiah, Kylar and the Speno family came over for a play date. Then Li went with them to karate and Katie went with Keely to basketball.

11/12 - Took Katie to see Beauty and the Beast at the Camden High School. Henry and Mary's son Hank played a main part, Gaston! He was excellent and reminded me of Elvis Presley! Kudos to Hank! Katie and I thought he played his part well!

On four consecutive Thursday's, the kids were enrolled in free ice skating lessons at the MRC. How nice of Fran Kinney to set that up! (See 11-20 entry for pictures.)

11/13 - Thursday. Makana was talking about ATC trading cards to trade. She said, "While I eat, you stink." Also, this am I was vacuuming. Makana wanted to vacuum too. She is so helpful. She wanted to use the vacuum attachment. I was grateful for any bit she did and it was fun watching her and seeing her decide what to vacuum and how much of any section of the molding or floor or whatever to do.

Also, Li made up his very own recipe of buns/biscuits. Here is a photo of them:

And here is a photo of me in my woolies in the downstairs bathroom. Have to get some pregnant shots in here!

11/14 - Friday - A snuggly day at home. Katie is enjoying a book in her pj's and Li is perusing his "Magic Cards" (a new interest of his).

11/16 - Li wrote letters to Pop Pop and to Jene Oakley hoping to receive some mail. Here is a photo of the one he wrote to Pop Pop. He got tired of writing, and so he dictated Jene's letter which I wrote for him. Jene did send him a return letter which he was excited to receive.

Here's the letter to Jene (Li decorated it with stickers, etc):

Here is a photo of Wolfie taken on Sunday 11-16-2008 by Makana (can tell from the angle...and she loves to use the camera!):

11/19 - The pond was icy.

11/20 - Some photos from ice skating lessons. Two of Li in class and one of our friends Lanita, Conchita, and KK.

11/22 - Saturday - Our first dusting of snow was on the ground in the morning, but it didn't stick. Went to Nobleboro for fingerprinting for my last step in getting my teacher's certificate in Maine.

11/23 - Sunday - Went to LL Bean and met the Speno's there for a horse and carriage ride. Bought a trapazoid tanagram puzzle for the kids. Couldn't wait for xmas to give it to them. Thought it would be stimulating for Li's logical mind and something new for them to do. Was right on as all the kids really loved being creative and making cool patterns. Here is a creative tanagram Katie made for me!

11/23 - Sunday - Earlier that morning, Li and I were talking about slavery and child labor again. And China. Li wanted to form a group of people who would not purchase products made in China because he feels child labor is wrong. I mentioned that my friend Tim Sullivan who works at the Good Tern is head of the Peace and Justice Group in Rockland and that perhaps if Li expressed his thoughts in a letter to Tim, that Tim would understand his feelings and be able to share what Li wanted to do with other like-minded folks. So, Li dictated a letter to Tim which I wrote (picture of letter will be added at some point). 

11/24 - Was in bed or on the couch from 8:30-2:30 with abdominal pain, mostly on the lower right side. The kids were so kind and brought me hot water bottles, tea, and Katie even took Makana outside for a bit to play with Li and Erin and Nick. The pond was frozen!

11/25 - Well, the pond was no longer frozen! Temperature warmed up and I think we had rain!

11/26 - Saw Brien at Hope Health about pains in abdomin. He said my lumbosacral joint and hips were out of alignment. Did a gentle muscular adjustment and feels it is a mechanical issue. Didn't think it was anything more. Hope he is right! He did send urine to the lab for checking due to a little high leukocytes. But Donna assured me that higher leukocytes could be found in healthy pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. She said higher leukocytes are found whenever there is mucus. Hope I am recalling this part correct. But this is what I remember.

11/27 - Thanksgiving - We had a wonderful, slow paced beginning to our day. No one rushed around and we all enjoyed ourselves so much. We were totally relaxed. Dad and Jeannie arrived and Dad gave me a great big hug. So good to see them both! We had a lovely visit with them!

I'll never forget Li getting up on Thanksgiving morning when I was in the shower and he came into the bathroom (after JUST getting up) and exclaimed "Do you know what day it is?" I said, "Thanksgiving." "Do you know who's coming today?" I said, "Pop Pop!" He was just SO excited and Katie and Li (who have some concept of time) kept asking when they'd arrive and what time they'd arrive, etc.

11/28 - Friday - Here's an adorable photo of Kana and Wolfie sleeping in the wee morning hours. I saw them and just had to take this photo. It was either the first or one of the first times Kana slept with Wolfie instead of with me. Wow!

Pop Pop, Nonna, Li, Katie and I went to Planet Toys in Rockland to pick up Li's Christmas gifts. Nonna bought us a dartboard which we played with all night trying to hit the bull's eye! What fun! 

11/29 - Saturday - Pop Pop and Nonna left in the morning just before we got up. The kids were so upset when they found out. I was sure to let him know to wake us no matter what time it was as it is more important for us to say goodbye than to sleep in! Pop Pop said he read that it would sleet and he was anxious to get on the road, but didn't want to wake us up. It took him twelve hours of driving to get home. Nonna did the last three hours as Dad said he was getting almost a panic attack and even felt dizzy. (I sure hope it was just nerves and that he's okay!!)

Kana or Katie did my hair with Kana's new Dora bath toy. 

Throughout this month and always....Makana has a love of taking photos. She uses the family camera to take shots. It is always interesting what she (or any child) really notices and sees through the camera lens. I have a bunch of them from when we went to the DEW Animal Kingdom last month, but I didn't post them. And a bunch from any other month really!

Here's Jim talking to Mom W (Nanny) to wish her a (belated) Thanksgiving.

11/30 Sunday - We ALL went to see Madagasgar III. (The kids mentioned on Saturday that they wanted to see this movie. Jim and I thought that it might give them something special to do and take their minds off of missing Pop Pop and Nonna.) It wasn't Jim's and my kind of movie, but the kids all enjoyed it. And Makana was so funny. She moved to the very front of the theater all by herself. When I went down to check on her, she invited me to sit in the front row with her. However, I said no thanks as I was sitting with Daddy (a rare treat to sit so long with Wolfie holding hands!). I invited her to come back up by us if she wanted to. But she was happy in that front row (and we were the only ones in the theater, so it was safe).

11/30 - Sunday - Earlier in the day Li said this: "I think I'm beginning to know who I really am. I love my reality." Whoa! I was shocked at his introspective thinking. I said, "That's the best!" He said, "You're the best." Throughout that day, Li sang, "Lalalalala, Big Mouth strikes again!" over and over. Wolf said he might be annoyed, but he wasn't as Li was so happy singing his song that he could deal with the repetitiveness.

At some point in November, everyone watched Star Wars I. I especially loved the part where someone says, "There's always a bigger fish." There was another quote I loved, but I can't remember what it was.


Trip to Mount Desert Island (Bernard, ME) - Tuesday 9/9/08 - Friday 9/12/08

Visit to Bass Harbor Lighthouse on Wednesday 9/10/08. Katie took this photo of Li, Makana and I by the fog bell. Wolf was down on the rocks taking lighthouse photos.

Here's one of Wolf's famous Bass Harbor Lighthouse photos!

Tuesday afternoon, Jim and Li went on a lighthouse cruise. Both took lots of lighthouse photos. Li so much wanted to emulate Jim's picture taking and Jim was happy that Li wanted to spend time with him sharing his passion! This photo is of Egg Rock.

Narraguagus Island Light is another lighthouse they passed.

And here are some more lights that they saw on their cruise: Nash Island Light

Petit Manan Lighthouse

Prospect Harbor Lighthouse

And Winter Harbor Light.

After Jim and Li's cruise, we all visited the Mount Desert Oceanarium (Bar Harbor location). The kids really enjoyed the touch tank! The person giving the presentation was very informative and friendly. The kids held all kinds of sea creatures.

Jim took Makana outside to play with boats while I sat with Katie and Li for a lobsterman talk. Katie eventually left, but Li stayed and had a couple of questions for the presenter. Unfortunately, the presenter wanted to do alot of talking himself rather than answer questions. He was very interesting, however, I wish he took the time to answer questions as well.

Makana and I went out to the field to see and pet the sheep. Katie, Li and Jim went to the lobster hatchery (too stinky for me!!).


That night (Wednesday 9/10/08), we ate out at a little pizzeria/ice cream place in Southwest Harbor on Main Street. Makana had her favorite: a chocolate ice cream cone! Li and Katie also enjoyed some ice cream at the counter...eyeing up the big cookies and pies.

On Thursday 9/11/08, we took the Wonderland Trail to the water and explored. Excellent trail with the kids and a pregnant mom. Katie discovered barnacles eating...actually opening and closing their mouths in only one of the tidal pools! It was fascinating to watch. She and I stood there for some time just watching in amazement.

Li looks out over the water.

Kana finds a sea urchin!

A dock in Northeast Harbor. 9/11/08

Friday 9/12/08 - One of the kid's favorite things to do by the cabin was to swing on the swings. And look for Oliver kitty, the owner's cat who sometimes came by for a snack and entertained us. Makana still talks about "Oliver kitty!"

This is a photo of our wonderful cabin! It was so nice! We'd definately go back. Clean, cozy and had a washer and dryer! Excellente!!!

Later that same day (Fri 9/12/08), we drove through Acadia National Park and stopped at a beach by Gorham Mtn Trail. We used the restrooms, played on the beach and Jim and I remembered when we once climbed Gorham Mountain Trail long ago. Someday we might do it again! Li got caught in a wave and changed clothes, and then we were off for another adventure of the day!

But not before svelt Wolf picked me up for a photo op! Thanks Katie! :)

One of the kids?? must have taken this of the beautiful sky!

On Friday afternoon, we took a Diver Ed tour. Diver Ed goes under the water with a videocamera. Passengers watch a video and hear him talk about what he is finding undersea. He then brings up various sea creatures and explains about them. Although he was humorous many times, he was overboard and even humiliating I thought. We liked so much when he was just plain funny, but not when he teased. We all agreed that although the trip was partly good, we would not go on it again due to Diver Ed's personality. (He must mean well, but not know how to relate to people, esp kids, that well. What kind of upbringing or experiences did he have?!)

All the kids lined up at the back of the boat to push Diver Ed off!

Here's the video screen that we watched on the boat.

Here is a close-up of Diver Ed talking cutsie and kissing one of his finds! He had a little toy "Mini-Ed" that dove with him. He kept making Mini-Ed talk and find things and get caught, dragged, and hidden by sea animals.

Diver Ed blew up his wetsuit and acted like the Hulk. It was hilarious..until he got a little overbearing chasing and intimidating the kids! He is like a big kid himself!

Kana and I get to know one of the lobsters! We also enjoyed the star fish, crabs, hermit crabs, fish and sea cucumbers!

This part Katie did NOT like. I wasn't sure since she was smiling, but she told me she did not like it when he did this. She had said not to, but he didn't listen and then she just gave in to it. (I hope she eventually learns to speak her mind or tell me and I'll help her if I am there!)

We all learned how to make the sea star (starfish) stick to our hair. Then we pulled the seastar off.

This was cool until Diver Ed began trying to put them on the kids heads whether they said it was okay or not. Here he is doing it to Li!! Again, the kids smiled, even though they said not to do it. Diver Ed just did what he thought was funny and you can see the passengers laughing too. It was one of those situations where I wasn't sure whether or not to step in....Li might have said not to do it, but Diver Ed was persistent, and Li ended up smiling and it sort of seemed okay. I do regret not being more adamant about standing up for my children!

He did seem to interact with Makana respectfully (except at the beginning of the trip when he shook her hand even though it was obvious at least to me that she didn't want to. Another instance where I wasn't sure whether to step in or not as she wasn't protesting where I felt I should interfere, yet I didn't think she enjoyed his persistance.) Here Diver Ed shows us one of the starfish.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Saying goodbye to our friends who are moving to CA


Saying goodbye to our friends who are moving to CA

Here is Keegan on 8/18/08 at Alford Lake...in the mud!!! We arrived at Alford Lake and there he was! I asked if I could take a photo as he was too funny!

Here are Emma and Makana at Scott Smith's talk at the Camden Ampitheater a couple days before Traci, Bill, Keegan, Jack and Emma moved to CA. Miss them! Hope they are enjoying the weather and seeing new sights! They traveled cross-country stopping as they pleased along the way!

I don't have pictures handy of Jack, Traci or Bill, but we love them just the same!