Monday, May 11, 2009

May Happennings

Katie created this art online and printed it out. Our printer was very low on ink, so it didn't come out that colorful. But if you can read the words, they make me feel so grateful for Katie and for what she appreciates. It is nice to be loved!! :)

Found this by the computer! Ahhhh... all is well!

A drawing I scaned in January 2009 by Kana.

Katie did this colorful artwork on the computer. It was done in April maybe.

5/2/09 Here's the pileated woodpecker at the bottom of our cedar tree in the back yard! Li saw him and he and Jim photo'd the busy bird.

5/3/09 - Great Kanoa photos!!

Kanoa nurses best lying down (just like Li did - a boy thing?).

Just beginning to stand assisted! (four months and 10 days old)
Time to go outside...get the bug nets on first!!

These 4 photos are from a snapshot in time on Sunday night on 5/3/09. What everyone was doing at one moment that evening...Kanoa
This is a great video of our jolly guy!

Making cards/art..

At the computer...
Ironing and tv watching

5/3/09 - Here's that pile of clothes to sort through and give away or bring to the thrift store. Or save for grandchildren!!

5/8/09 - Michelle, Jewel and Charles visited. The boys, Kana, Michelle and I enjoyed time outside while Katie and Jewel got dolled up. They shut their eyes and put make-up on each other (a fun game Jewel played with Jessica and showed Kate) Here's the result! Bella!
Erin came over (friend and neighbor from across the street) and caught the first frog of the season! Yeah Erin!! Go, Erin, go!
Katie and Erin - nice pic!
Here's Erin and Nick Doran and our family outside sword fighting and catching frogs. This was the day that Nick and Katie had that sword battle!
Kana put the frog in the pool for a short time.

5-12-09 - Monday - Kirk, Zach and Luke visited. Kanoa liked Kirk playing with him. The kids played in and out. Katie and Zach went for a scooter/bike ride. Luke enjoyed playing "raft wars" on the computer. Kana liked hide and seek until she skinned her knee. Kirk suggested a book about bread making which the library system has and an audio book called "Where the Red Fern Grows."

At 5:30-6:30pm, Li had coached-pitched little league baseball (we missed last week). He got a hit and ran to first base. It was nice to see other families there that we knew. Li really liked it.

Daddy does alot

Li and I were up from 4am to about 5:30/5:45ish this morning. He had a stomach ache and then he was afraid to go back to sleep for a while because last night he watched Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour.

When we woke up this morning I said I felt bad for Daddy because he didn't get as much sleep as us and I mentioned that maybe we should try to go to bed earlier tonight. Li said Daddy does alot of things: he mows the yard, goes food shopping, makes food, and goes to work all day. He really does alot.

I thought that was pretty cool that he had that realization.

Later this day I was trying to make something in the kitchen and asked Li to help me with something. He sincerely said, "I would love to, but a good part of the movie we're watching is coming up and I don't want to miss it. I love you!" And he went back to the living room. Glad he was so honest. I understoood and smiled to myself.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kanoa - 4 months old and still smilin', Misc plays and more

"He's the best baby in the world. And the cutest," says Li. Li then sings the Beastie Boys song "You Gotta Fight, For Your Right, To Partaaay!" as if Kanoa was singing it. (I've been singing it in the silly "Kanoa voice" too and Li mimics that here.) Notice that Kana still fawns over him lots! (9633)

This is a great video of our jolly guy! (9684)

Katie's video of Kanoa. (9656)
(9675) Kana with bug bag dancing energetically in the kitchen and Katie places a phone order from French and Brawn.
(9689) Katie directed a dance/play starring Kana who announces she is bored and then proceeds to do a ballet type of dance (until her hair gets in the way).

World Laughter Day: (great laughter gathering picture) (pasted below)
What is World Laughter Day? Wednesday, 07 May 2008 13:51
What is World Laughter Day? “World Laughter Day” was created in 1998 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter YogaLogo - WLD 09 movement.

The celebration of World Laughter Day is a positive manifestation for world peace and is intended to build up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter. Its popularity has grown exponentially with that of the Laughter Yoga movement (now counting over 6000 Laughter Clubs worldwide on all 5 continents). Why a “World Laughter Day”?Today, many people fear widespread international terrorism. The world has never faced so much unrest before. People are at war within themselves. Laughter is a positive and powerful emotion that has all the ingredients required for individuals to change themselves and to change the world in a peaceful and positive way. It directly impacts one’s electro-magnetic field and creates a positive aura around that person. When a group of individuals laugh together, they create a collective community aura. Electromagnetic waves from a group who are laughing every day form a protective envelope around that area to protect it from negative forces (similarly, people believed in ancient India that one saintly person was enough to protect the entire village). Laughter is a universal language, which has the potential to unite humanity without religion. Laughter can establish a common link between various religions and create a new world order. The idea may sound over-ambitious, and maybe it is. But maybe it is not. It is our deep belief that laughter and only laughter can unite the world, building up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship.

Katie directed a play of Kana and Li one day. Here are some of their "takes." (Lines may differ in each video)

Kana and Li's play, take 1.
Kana: Hey! What is that?
Li: You have no idea what this is?!! Out! (pause) I said faster, faster. I wanna buy (cut)

Kana and Li's play, take 2.
Kana: Hey, what's that?
Li: You have no idea what this is?! You are a barbarian! Leave my shop! Humph!
Kana: Hey, I wanna buy that.

Kana and Li's play, take 3.
Katie says, "Dance guys, dance!" (Or is it "Scream guys, scream!!)

Mother's Day

Here is me on Mother's Day after getting off the phone with my mom, whom I dearly love and appreciate.... I love you Mom!! :)

I was surprised with a mother's day breakfast! Delicious oatmeal, juice, cereal. special cards and love!

Here is a close-up of my place at the table!

Notice the bar code on Katie's card.

Katie wrote the most thoughtful and lovely words that mean so much to me (and drew beautiful cards as well)!

Love those vibrant colors!!

Gosh! So nice!! Don't know what to say.... thank you Katie! I love you so much!!

Here's Li's and Kana's beautiful cards that are so special to me! Li made me the lovely egg to hang up too. Kana decorated her card with stickers - cool!