Monday, May 11, 2009

May Happennings

Katie created this art online and printed it out. Our printer was very low on ink, so it didn't come out that colorful. But if you can read the words, they make me feel so grateful for Katie and for what she appreciates. It is nice to be loved!! :)

Found this by the computer! Ahhhh... all is well!

A drawing I scaned in January 2009 by Kana.

Katie did this colorful artwork on the computer. It was done in April maybe.

5/2/09 Here's the pileated woodpecker at the bottom of our cedar tree in the back yard! Li saw him and he and Jim photo'd the busy bird.

5/3/09 - Great Kanoa photos!!

Kanoa nurses best lying down (just like Li did - a boy thing?).

Just beginning to stand assisted! (four months and 10 days old)
Time to go outside...get the bug nets on first!!

These 4 photos are from a snapshot in time on Sunday night on 5/3/09. What everyone was doing at one moment that evening...Kanoa
This is a great video of our jolly guy!

Making cards/art..

At the computer...
Ironing and tv watching

5/3/09 - Here's that pile of clothes to sort through and give away or bring to the thrift store. Or save for grandchildren!!

5/8/09 - Michelle, Jewel and Charles visited. The boys, Kana, Michelle and I enjoyed time outside while Katie and Jewel got dolled up. They shut their eyes and put make-up on each other (a fun game Jewel played with Jessica and showed Kate) Here's the result! Bella!
Erin came over (friend and neighbor from across the street) and caught the first frog of the season! Yeah Erin!! Go, Erin, go!
Katie and Erin - nice pic!
Here's Erin and Nick Doran and our family outside sword fighting and catching frogs. This was the day that Nick and Katie had that sword battle!
Kana put the frog in the pool for a short time.

5-12-09 - Monday - Kirk, Zach and Luke visited. Kanoa liked Kirk playing with him. The kids played in and out. Katie and Zach went for a scooter/bike ride. Luke enjoyed playing "raft wars" on the computer. Kana liked hide and seek until she skinned her knee. Kirk suggested a book about bread making which the library system has and an audio book called "Where the Red Fern Grows."

At 5:30-6:30pm, Li had coached-pitched little league baseball (we missed last week). He got a hit and ran to first base. It was nice to see other families there that we knew. Li really liked it.

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