Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Maine Homeschooling Resources and Ideas

This spring to late summer, I finally finished making a new blog for those who homeschool in Maine and especially for people I do reviews for.

Though obviously life isn't divided up into subjects, I did make pages for the areas homeschoolers are to cover in Maine (except for "Library Skills") and I added a few extra pages to do with college/transcripts, special needs/therapists, unschooling and more.

Even if you aren't from Maine, feel free to check it out. :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Some pics from Makana's camera from June thru Nov 2013

I love this one!  At We Shine June 2013

Makana took this pic of Stony Point Light in Stony Point, NY

Did Kanoa give Makana a gift?

Selfie by Makana
This squid sign was one of the many pictures Makana took at the artist's show that we stopped at in Port Clyde, Maine.
Makana must have taken this pic!  This sign is funny!

Watch out!  Giant Squid can smell fear!
 Some picturess that Makana must have taken at Marshall Point Light in Port Clyde, Maine.

I see that shaka Wolf!

The kids found this rock there!  Then we made some at home with paint and glitter.

Walking the breakwater toward Rockland Breakwater Light with Mom and Bill.

Here's a video of Kanoa and Makana running.  Makana stops along the way to help a lady reach a bill she dropped between the cracks.  Kanoa took off and I needed to run after him, but Makana caught up to us after she did her good deed.  :)  Then she even let Kanoa touch the foundation first.  What a nice big sister!  

And as you will see in this jumpy video, Kanoa can surely run!!  
(video is still uploading - I hope....we'll see if it works...)

Makana and Kanoa

Mom and I

Mom and I

Love this pic of Kanoa...those big eyes!  And I think it must have been a new haircut too. 10/1/13

Kan! 10/1/13
 More pics by Makana -

What a face!

This strawberry is from our square foot garden - picked on October 30th believe it or not!!

10/30/13 Kanoa

11/10/13 - Photo of a Great Blue Heron that I saw along side Rt 17 heading toward Augusta.  I pulled over, watched it fly from the marsh across the road to the marsh on the other side.  It looked so large when it flew!  We used to see these in NJ along with Egrets.  

October 2nd Mushroom Hike at Camden Hills State Park

On October 2nd, we took a hike with other homeschoolers up one of the trails at Camden Hills State Park looking for mushrooms and enjoying the woods.  Here are some of the photos from our mushroom hike!

Sharing information before we hiked.

Once when we attended a workshop at a local nature center, we were told that these mushrooms were called "fire mushrooms" and that they were once used by Native Americans to carry fire.  According to this link, this is "false tinder fungus."

If it were "true tinder fungus" it would look differently

Here's an article about chaga ("true tinder fungus"), which is found in abundance here on Maine's birch trees.

What is this kind of mushroom called?  I should ask Sasha!

And this?

Some kind of shelf mushroom?

A variety of mushrooms were collected along the walk.

Black trumpets!  Way to go Ann!

Ann holding her find!

We then drove to the top of Mt Battie, ate our sandwiches and took some pics of Penobscot Bay.

I love the view from the top!  I never get sick of it!