Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Happennings


December Happennings

12/6/08 - Saturday - Here are two photos of me in my unitard. Wow...the side view looks so amazing! 

We had our first real snow (not just a few flurries that didn't stick) this morning. I spoke to Mom this evening and she said they were having snow in NJ too.

12/7/08 - Sunday. Wanted to take Katie to the mall, but we overslept. Ended up doing lots of household chores. Glad to get them done! Went to TJ Maxx with just KT and Li for blankets and pillows for the new bed afterwards (and was hoping to find KT a xmas gift...the kind of birth stone necklace she has been wanting for so long, but they were out!)

12/7/08 - Sunday. We were in bed. Makana had to poop. She went into the Hawaii bathroom and sat on her potty seat and got her favorite books out of the magazine holder next to the potty. One of her favorite books is Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas. She tries to turn the pages and tell me the chapter number and page number and sometimes makes up the story or asks questions about the book. I went downstairs to put laundry in. Jim overheard Makana say this: "And the monkey's name is Jesus." We cracked up!

12/08/08 - Monday - Katie dressed Kana up in dress up clothes and a tiarra (sp?). 

12/9/08 - SNOW again! In the AM to the afternoon. Funny story: Kana and I were showering this evening. I was thinking about the baby's upcoming birth and wondered if Kana was interested in being there for it. I said, "Makana, are you going to watch the baby being born?" She looked at me and said, "No. I'm going to be eating a quesadilla!" That cracked me up as it was such an unexpected answer!! So funny what she says.

Kana recently said: "I hear my heart beeping!" (beeping instead of beating)
Says "stink" instead of think. Says "spart" for "fart"..as in "Who sparted?" or "I just sparted!"

12/9 - Tuesday. Need to get off here, but quickly want to write my thoughts. I am so lucky to be pregnant and have a baby inside me. I can't wait to see the baby and find out what gender it is and hold and smell it. Love that baby smell and to see a brand new life Jim and I created and to push it out is miraculous (one of the things that actually makes me think there might be a higher power!). I can't describe how cool it is to feel the baby move. Although I can't always tell if I am feeling a foot or a bottom or arm, I am so happy to feel his/her movement. This baby gets the hiccups so much. More than any other child I've carried. I am feeling positive about having group b strep and all being well with me and the baby. I hope I don't take on the fear of others or those who are exploring this for the first time.  I really was feeling so great until they seemed unsure about my health and the baby's wellbeing. I am an asymptomatic carrier of gbs. I have been. I had it in my urine at the beginning of my pregnancy with Makana and I did some alternative things and all was well. But actually I wasn't tested again for it, so I don't know if I had it or not at the time of delivery. The best article I read about it is in Mothering Magazine from Nov/Dec 2003. Think I'll print it out for Ellie/Donna, or at least email it to them. Signing off!

12/11 - Ice storm (karate cancelled)
12/12 - Ice and then Rain came ...got much warmer out...50's. Took Li to the Strike Zone. A nice guy gave Li a whole pack of cards and Li was so excited. Li had a warm up game with some people waiting to enter a tournament. Then we had to go before the tournament began. Makana was able to stay for quite a while because there was a dog (Maya) there to entertain her as well as a little tv playing the last episode of Total Drama Island which we had all watched Thursday (last) night.

12/13/08 - Saturday - I turned 40 this day. Mom and Neil called before I headed out for ballet and sang to me on the phone. After ballet I picked up Li and Katie and went to Katie's basketball game. Li was so snuggly there. He brought his Magic Cards. We enjoyed watching KT play. Wolfie stayed home as Kana didn't want to go out. Then the kids and I went to the Bagel Cafe and had lunch. Li chatted with a father and son who he saw at the Strike Zone on Friday 12/12 just before a tournament began. We brought bagels home for Wolfie and Kana and then I went to my own ballet class. Before class, I met Heather to pick up some baby items she is kindly passing onto us. I didn't puch myself in class, but my lower back did end up aching a little. And later in the night my legs were shaky when I walked up or down stairs. A good workout overall and it felt nice to be in class again! Li called me in the middle of class to make sure we wouldn't miss the Speno's party. I told him I'd be home in 15 minutes. And so I left class a little early - which was fine as grand allegro would be rather difficult and I would basically just mark it anyway instead of doing it full out. As soon as I came home, I quickly changed and Jim and Katie left for the Lighthouse Museum in Rockland where Jim was showing some of his lighthouse photos. See below for a shot of his pictures at the Lighthouse Museum in Rockland. He is donating 20% of anything sold to the museum. One sold! 

Then Kana changed into a party dress (unlike her, but she agreed to my suggestion as I was wearing a skirt and top which is unlike me!). She, Li and I went to the party and enjoyed ourselves and then Wolfie and Katie joined us.

11/15/08 - Monday - Kyler, Isaiah and Kara came to visit. Then Kara took Li to karate and I took Keely and Katie to basketball. Picked Li up from karate and then met the Speno's at the playgym at the YMCA. Saw Adam, Sam and Zoe there too. The usual crew of fun played together!

11/16/08 - Visited Lynn and family in Belfast for the first time. Carolyn and kids were there too. Had a nice visit! Li and Katie stayed with the Walauski's while Kana and I went to my midwife appointment. Turns out Ellie and Donna went to a birth about ten minutes before my appointment. So I just had an appointment with Anna. Kana was a busy girl. Had to keep reminding her not to throw things like wooden blocks. This age can be challenging. Nice to chat with Anna. Baby doing fine. I think I weighed about 182 pounds. Kana took some pictures of me and the wooden structure  she made.