Sunday, August 30, 2009

September Happennings 2009

9/4/09 - Close up of Katie's creation. Because especially nice creations are hard to put away, we usually take photos of them to remember them by. It does seem to help the kids be able to take apart their creations and buildings to either put them away or to make a new creation.
9/4/09 - Katie made this beautiful display with the tanagram pieces.
View of Camden harbor from the grassy area by the top of the library.
9/5/09 - Windjammer Weekend in Downtown Camden, Maine - View from Harbor Park.
9/5/09 - Windjammer Weekend in Downtown Camden, Maine - View from Harbor Park.
Li exploring a coastguard (?) boat. You could climb all over some boats in the harbor during Windjammer Weekend. 9/5/09
Nice shot!
9/5 - Think Jim and Li went downtown before Mom came to chk out the boats at the windjammer festival.
Love you, Mom! So glad you were here!!!!
Mom and Kanoa 9-5
Mom and Kanoa 9/5
Mom and Kanoa 9/5/09
Photos of Mom, Me and Kanoa on 9/5/09
blurry, but like this one

Me, Kanoa and Mom - 9/5
9/5/09 - Mom, Katie and Kana - love this one! Kana had long hair here! As I am writing this on 11/6/09, it is hard to remember her with her long hair!
Kanoa zonked out on Mom's shoulder.
Kanoa sleeping on Mom's shoulder.

Love pics of Kanoa crawling. (as you can tell! Boring for others, not to me!)
Kanoa crawled right off the grass onto the pavement! I was surprised. Let him try it a bit and then picked him up and put him back on the grass in case he would get scraped. But, wow, didn't think he'd want to crawl on asphalt. Then again, he does that primate type crawling alot and that is what he did there.
9/6/09 - Some photos at home by the garden.
9/6/09 - This is the Nathaniel Bowditch. We sailed from Camden to Rockport on her in 2005. Someday we'll do a family cruise on her too!

Mom on the boat.
Love this pic of Daddy and Kanoa at the wheel! So nice and thoughtful how Jim always helps Kanoa touch and explore everything and talks to him and really listens and communicates! What a great Daddy he is! And Kanao loves his Daddy so much too and loves to truly talk to Jim! (with verbal expressions/sounds and physical movements like facial gestures,etc)
No task is too big when done together! That's what the sign says in Hawaiian and English. Love to find a bit of Hawaii everywhere I can!
Mom by the flower bridge.
Daddy and Kana - Kana's enjoying a pop.
Mom, Li and Katie in front of the flower bridge.
The beautiful flower bridge and our beautiful Katie crossing it.
Mom and us (well, not me, I'm taking the picture and holding Kanoa!) in front of flowers in downtown Camden. 9/6/09

Mom's pictures from her September visit

9/6 - We were so happy to spend time with Mom/Grandma!
9/6 We had fun checking out the boats at the Windjammer Weekend celebration. Daddy helped Kanoa explore!
9/6 - Later that afternoon, our good friends (the Spenos) who feel like family returned from England. It helped to cheer us up to see them! Photo: Li and Josiah are good friends!
Hanging out and swapping summer stories.
Ben, age 5, by the garden.
Rosie, me and Kanoa (Who took this interesting angle? Kana or Ben?)

9/6/ - Kana knows how to set up the chess board!! She likes to play chess with me or Li and is still learning how to play the game and how the pieces move. I think I remember playing chess with my Dad.
9/6 - Josiah held Kanoa. He was really wanting to hold and see how Kanoa grew.

Katie was taking some pics of herself for an id photo of an online group she joined.
That's our Katie girl! :)

9/9/09 - Li in karate class. Although he is an orange belt, he usually just wears his regular clothes for class as that is what he prefers (and the instructor doesn't mind).
This is what Kana and Katie look like when they watch Li in class. (I usually bring food or snacks for Kana so she sits and watches. Food helps her stay in one place!) Kanoa and I play peek a boo with the mirrors very quietly or just be mellow and watch. Or Kanoa sleeps.
I so don't like this poster. It is NOT respectful to anyone.
I LOVE this photo of Makana!!! Taken on 9/9 at the MRC after Li's karate class.
9/10/09 - Li and Katie held a bake sale in front of the Village Shop. Li donated half of his money to the Christian Food Pantry and Katie will be dropping her donation (half of her earnings) off to the Camden Rockport Animal Rescue League shortly.

Katie's friend Maddie helped out for a while too. I took Kana, Kanoa and Li home for a bit and then picked up Katie when she was done.
Here's Li at the Food Pantry about to drop of his donation. He rec'd a thank you card from them in October. I hope we go to help there someday.
9/12/09 - Jim and Li went to Pemaquid Lighthouse one day for an adventure. The lighthouse is using Jim's photos in their gift shop. They give out Jim's website since Jim is letting them use his photos. Here's Jim's stuff in the gift shop (where Jim bought a copy of each of his gorgeous postcards/pictures).
Pemaquid Lighthouse.
9/15/09 - Kana dressed as Supergirl! She saw this "pink girl" a pink a magazine full of costumes and wanted to dress like that for Halloween. Katie tried to make the outfit for her with clothes and things we already had. Kana loved it! I loved Katie's cut out S on the shirt!
9/19/09 - Kanoa riding the horsie for the first time (I think).
9/19/09 - Kanoa and Daddy
9/20 - Schools are for fish! Unschooling Proudly. Katie wrote this on the back of our van window.
9/20 - Walker Park - Kana and Ben
Kana and Ben
Various shots of friends at Walker Park (Us, the Spenos, the Potters)

Lots of dragonflies!

9/20/09 - Another dragonfly, this time on Rosie's foot!
9/20/09 - Li took the family camera to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. Here's Jim out at the Lighthouse. It was special Li and Daddy time. They love to go lighthousing together and of course photograph the lighthouses.
9/20/09 - Li and Jim walked the breakwater to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. It is a good, long walk!!
9/21/09 - Kana is now at the age where she loves to experiment with vinegar and dye and baking soda. Well...Li still loves it too! But now she joins in the fun and experimentation!
Li and Kanoa by the kiddie pool. Li is such a great big brother.
9/21/09 Cute pic of Kanoa by his kiddie pool!
9/21/09 - Kanoa about 8 3/4 months old in our backyard kiddie pool! He loved it! I put loads of warm/hot water in it so he'd be comfortable as our garden hose only gives very cold water.
Friday 9/25/09 - We attended the Common Ground Fair. We took the tractor ride there and Katie pulled off one white oak leaf on the way (white oak leaves are hard to find in Maine. Lots of red oak, but hard to find white oaks with their rounded favorite.) When we first got to the fair, Jim spotted this man and pointed him out to me. If I am remembering correctly, he said his name was John Frieze (sp?). I spoke with him about the vaccine issue and the swine flu and possible conspiracy. He had read my article and said he thought he would meet me at the fair. Strange coincidence!
Katie planned to meet some local schooled friends at the Fair.
Kana and Mommy
Okie, Keely's father, came to this hippie fest for the first time. Will he come back? Peace out, man!
Li and Kana hung out for the workshop on canning. Food totally attracts Li and he was pleased as anything when the nice people doing the workshop offerred him and Kana peaches!
This is the man from John's Ice Cream. Vanilla is the best flavor. We sampled our other possibilities..go with vanilla! Yum!
We wait all year for those Sausage and Pepper sandwiches from Alex's. OMG! They are devine!!!
Eating lunch - everyone finds a nice grassy spot and has a little picnic!
Crazy pic of Kana in the stroller. She got tired and it was easier to carry baby then her. She loved peeking back at us.
Gotta visit those sled dogs!
Grace, her friends, and her mom Vicki.
Kana concentrating on her drawing.
Beautiful sleeping baby in Mama's arms!
Cliff and Kelly Young and family from Brooks, Maine. Cliff was Katie's paino instructor for a brief period. Cliff is in a great local band called Tree By Leaf. Kelly was our midwife apprentice when Kana was born in 2005 and Kana's birth was the first birth she ever attended!
Li hammering nails in the children's section. (Jim cracks me up. He calls the children's section a black hole because once we get in that section, we rarely leave! It is so fun for the kids!)
Beedy Parker!! Everyone knows and loves Beedy!
New friends we recently met at a gathering at True Park in September. Now if only I could remember their names!!!
Koko Preston, author of "Organic Parenting" was in the children's section with her husband giving out her books! She gave me a few to pass out to parents who might be interested. Now I should get to those LLL meetings again!
A close up shot of the kids in their Garden Parade costumes.
Kana, Li and Katie were in the Garden Parade again this year. They march about with signs like "Local" and "No Spray," etc. Beedy Parker, part of our Citizens For A Green Camden group founded this popular children's activity at the fair.
Having fun on the sliding hill! Everyone slides down on the hill on cardboard boxes! Whoa!
My friend Connie. Fun to run into friends you haven't seen in ages at the Fair!
Want some Maine blueberries? Yum!
Can you ever have too much garlic??!!
Some of the animals we saw at the Common Ground Fair.

When Jim did the art show in Camden last fall, Li went along with Jim to help and hang out. Li ended up helping the person next to Jim's booth with his customers. This is the kind fellow Li helped. He promised to make Li a necklace with the stones Li had brought him. When Li saw him here at the CGFair, Li reminded him about the necklace. He said he didn't have the exact stones Li had given him, but gave him a different necklace instead. Li was thrilled! :)
Katie took this photo from up in the castle kids could climb up.
Li in the castle turret.
Kana was enthralled with the milk weed seeds she found on the way to the parking lot.
Photos of the view on the way home from the Common Ground Fair.

Some pics from Li's soccer game on Saturday 9/26/09.