Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Happennings

Kana's birthday cake: My kids talk about their birthdays way ahead of time. Kana wants "chocolate spudge" cake for her birthday. Probably because she just went to Josiah and Ben's birthday celebrations and that is the kind of cake they had.

Li explains time to Makana: I overheard Li explaining to Makana that there was 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, half of an hour was thirty minutes and half of half an hour was 15 minutes, which was how much time was left before the next hour.

3/3/09 - A visit with our special friends before they leave for Florida. Here Katie is playing the piano and Leo is standing beside her.

Kana and Ben get married. Katie marries them. Leo was the ring-bearer and drove the happy couple away in the pop-up bus!

3/4/09 - Wednesday - Kara's blessingway at homeschool group.

3/4/09 - Wednesday - My six week postpartum visit was rescheduled to this date. Jim didn't come. It was just me and the kids.

The midwives are Ellie (right), Donna (with Kanoa) and midwife apprentice Anna (by windows).

Li and Kana looked forward to playing with the doll "Baby Sam."

3/5/09 - A visit with our friends Kara, Isaiah and Kyler. This was taken just before Li and Isaiah went to karate.

This past Tuesday (3/10/09), I wanted to tell Jim about our day, but Li and Makana were being very loud. Jim has trouble hearing when there is any sort of background noise, especially loud kinds of noise. I explained to them that we were going in the other room so I could talk to Daddy. Li yells, "I hope your not going to tell him we're having another baby!" We cracked up! I said no and that we just wanted to be able to hear each other. Kana began peeking into the living room. I invited her in. Li came roaring in in spite of being asked to be quiet. I asked if Daddy and I should go upstairs to talk. Li said yes he thought that was a good idea. So we did. Kanoa, Jim and I went upstairs to nurse and talk. It was so peaceful and he got to hear what I wanted to tell him too (about Kana at the MRC...and I didn't want to tell him in front of Kana either, so it all worked out)!

Picture this scene at the MRC: when karate ended last night (I had waited for Li to help Jim out so he could work longer) Makana chased Isaiah around upstairs by the second studio along the half wall. (I dodged people and backpacks and shoes to get to her and take her hand as I didn't want to leave it to chance that she wouldn't try and climb the half wall up there). We went downstairs. All seemed fine downstairs and she and Li went to the food area and then to watch tennis. Suddenly, there was Makana running around by herself with a tennis racket she picked up. She was holding it high and running around that half wall and through the sitting area. I tried to yell to her to put it down and that it wasn't her property and Li overyelled me with a "stop!" But she was so excited to pick up that racket and run, run, run! I held Kanoa and his little head was bobbing and I chased her once around the circle ....UGH!!!! I felt SO out of control and that what she was doing was unacceptable (people or lights could get hit as that racket was big and she was holding it up and excitedly running), but I just couldn't get to her....she did go and put the racket down and I talked to her about not picking up other people's stuff, but oh, I was embarassed and did feel upset. (Dare I go to tennis today!!! Yes, I will, and I'll hope Makana is well fed beforehand as I know she was hungry yesterday. And she is three and just being three...but it IS exhausting and oh so challenging sometimes! It was kinda funny in retrospect!) When we got home, Katie had made up a muffin tin with different foods in each section.

She also arranged the cloth napkins into hearts with a spot at the table for each of us and a cup of water as well. SO SWEET!!!

I was so touched that she did that, esp after feeling so upset just before. I am so grateful for her kindness and thoughtfulness!! And her in general!

Li read to Makana in bed last night with a flashlight and then they played on the DS. So cool he can read some books now! And that was all his idea.

Funny thing Li said....I had asked Li and Kana who were being loud to give Jim and I space to talk when Jim came home as I needed to vent about the MRC with Kana, but didn't want to talk about it in front of her and he can't hear me when there is background noise or when others are talking or being loud near us. So we said we were going in the other room so I could talk to Daddy and Li said, "I hope your not going to tell Daddy that we're having another baby!" OMG! We cracked up. No we said, we just want to be able to hear each other. Come in if you wish, but just please be quiet if you come in. They came in after us, but became loud again, so we asked if maybe we should go upstairs to speak and Li said he thought that was a good idea. So I went and nursed Kanoa on the bed while Jim layed down and we talked. Nice to be able to talk with Jim!

Kanoa is reaching and touching: (3/12/09) This morning I noticed that Kanoa could reach out and touch my shirt. Cool! He's been sleeping alot lately. Is he beginning to drool? Teething starting? He had been crying frequently. Was it from iron in Floradix, overstimulation or tired, but couldn't settle down? Stopped taking Floradix and been staying home and napping with him and the crying has stopped. Hmmmm.

Kana is sick with a mucousy cold. She sounded hoarse just a bit on Tuesday (3/10/09). Tuesday night a cough began. We skipped homeschool group on Wednesday. We skipped storytime today 3/12/09. This late afternoon her ears hurt and she felt shivery. Noticed a few red spots on right side of her face. Hmmm. Gave her a warm bath. The mucous is very thick. Trying to get her to drink more water and just made chamomile tea with honey. Hope this is just a common cold. She is tired, but does not want to go to bed yet. Just said that her eyes hurt. They do look glassy. Jim and I are both thinking of taking her to the doctor's office.

A copy of an email to my friend Amy explaining about Katie's dog-sledding adventure: ----------------- Hi Amy! Got your email, but it has been hard getting to read them in a timely manner. Did get to read email yesterday though and I want to thank you for mentioning that your brother works at the Can Ams - so neat! We didn't go because of the baby being so little, but some year soon we will. I think Katie would still love to speak with your brother about the event. Do you think he would be willing to chat over the phone? Katie and Jim just went on a dog-sledding adventure with Stephen Madera of "Song of the Woods" in northern Maine. They went on Sunday and had an excellent time! Katie raised money to help cover the costs by holding a bake sale in front of French and Brawn on a cold day in January. She arranged the whole bake sale herself as well as interviewed different mushers and choose "Song of the Woods" herself - she made it clear that this was *her* thing to organize. (Although I spoke with Stephen's wife about specific concerns I had and was satisfied with all the details and answers.) Katie learned so much on her trip - harnessing, driving, actually using commands, etc and got to mush alone for a bit too (with Jim in the bag) which was her goal! Found out that we knew one of Stephen's dogs "North" from a kennel we visited last spring - small world! Recently visited a local kennel of Lindy Pendleton in Lincolnville (Jim went with Li and KT) and Lindy is going to Nome tommorow to help with the Iditarod! He's going to call KT and wave via a webcam - this will be a surprise to her Jim said! He and Katie talked over the phone a couple times as well about their shared passion for dogsledding and he gave her a pen from the Can Ams and some booties from famous Iditarod mushers. It is more challenging to help Katie follow her passions with a new baby, but possible with help from Jim and from friends like you!! Thanks so much for sharing your brothers connection to dog mushing. How is your pregnancy going? How is your family? If you are ever out this way, please stop by or call! Love, Laurie -------------------------------------------

Copy of email I sent a friend whom I haven't talked to in a long time (Lucille Soper) which talks about each person in the family except Kanoa I thnk: --------- Katie (11 1/2) is into dog mushing - just went on a great dog sledding adventure with Jim in northern Maine last Sunday and had an excellent time and learning experience. She planned the whole trip from a bake sale to raise money to interviewing mushers and communicating with them (although I did talk to the musher's wife about some questions I had once). She toys with the idea of school sometimes, but ultimately wants to keep unschooling. Very sweet, very on the go, very social. Enjoys being creative, loves computer, reading and Nintendo DS and writing stories. Li is now 7 1/2 and is into karate and I just signed him up for baseball for the spring. He loves to draw, does not enjoy puzzles, seems to have a knack for math, and is getting over a fear of dogs and is taking a short tennis course with Katie. He loves to play Magic The Gathering cards, play on the computer and DS and has an intense personality. Not putting these in any order...random thoughts. Makana is three and a half. She is getting...well...challenging for me. Where is that patience I need??! She loves to touch her little brother and loves him so much. Calls him her "little one." She wants "chocolate spudge" cake (that is how she pronounces it!) for her birthday. (The kids plan birthdays WAY ahead of time!) She is very loving and sweet. Has tons of energy and loves to run and dance around. She too has her own DS and vies for computer time (we only have one so it is busy much of the time and one reason why I don't get on as much as I'd like to...not that I have the time anyway...). Jim is still into taking lighthouse photographs. He too enjoys dogsledding. He is a wonderful father/husband - we are a good team together! But work requires his time too much, esp during this busy time of the year. This has been frustrating for all of us. I do not make any financial contribution to the house although I teach ballet at the Y once a week (taking time off with newborn for now) for which our family gets a Y membership - although we don't use it that much. I helped to write a Pest Management Policy for our town which was adopted last year on Earth Day. We are a homeschooling family. The kids want a dog. (more random info...) -------- --------------

3/9/09 - Photo of Kanoa

3/10/09 - More photos of Kanoa

3/10/09 - Video of Kanoa - content after nursing and a nap.

3/15/09 - Photo of Kanoa

3/15/09 - Kanoa is 11 weeks old in this video (I incorrectly say 10 weeks in the video. Also, this is the same one that is out on youtube...#9359.)

Video of Kanoa (still on 3/15/09 - 11 weeks old) - better camera angle (#9360).

Another video of Kanoa on 3/15/09 - 11 weeks. (#9369)

3/20/09 - Saturday - Here is a beautiful photo of Keli'i's plate of food that Katie made up for him. Kana's was similar, but had no peas.

And...Katie set the table for Li and Kana. What a great sister!!

3/21/09 - Sunday - Kanoa was okay enough for Jim and Katie to go to Farmington, ME to go mushing for their second time this season. Honestly, I would have loved for Jim to stay home so I could see him and he could help out with baby/kids and maybe I could even nap with the baby, but I knew how much this meant so much to Katie and she organized this event as a homeschool program (her first time organizing something all on her own). Totally was her own idea and initiative. Good for her! And so they went and had another grand time! Here are some photos:

And a video:

3/28/09 Saturday - Wanted to share something so nice that is happenning with our kids today.

Katie had Ciara's 9th b/d party at the pool at the County Inn and then had play rehearsal at 4:15 in Rockland. Lynn, Riley and Azure (in photo) came over while our daughters were at the party.
We picked up the girls at 3pm. We dropped Li off at Jim's office so he could go to Emma Jordan's 7th b/d party at Oakland Lanes Bowling Alley and then go grocery shopping with Jim. Then I took Katie to play rehearsal. We got there a half hour early and had time to realize we were all hungry!! We drove through the Burger King drive-thru which is something we don't typically do (we were starving and didn't pack snacks/lunch). Katie said we must get Li fries because he loves them so much. So we did. She thought he'd be so surprised when he got home. When we got home, she went for a walk with Erin and then hung out at her house across the street. She called to ask if she could eat dinner there and I said yes. Shortly thereafter, Li called from the grocery store asking if he could surprise Katie and buy the movie "Twilight." I said yes as I knew it would be a huge surprise for her and it was so thoughtful of Li to think of it. (He really loves receiving and giving things..pictures, sweeties, toys he doesn't use much, etc.) I thought he must have returned a ton of bottles or something to make the money to purchase the dvd. But it turns out that he borrowed money from Jim and will pay him back and that he also bought chocolate kisses for Kana. How sweet!

He said this is his best day ever!