Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday 4/24 - Ryker Kennel Tour

Here are some pictures from the kennel tour that Katie arranged with Lindy Pendleton. Lindy invited Katie to help work at the kennel by feeding the dogs, scooping up poop, giving supplements and maintaining the trail for 3-4 Saturdays now and in the fall. She is very excited. I and baby will be going with her and I bet I'll learn alot too.

9507 Some of the group.

9510 - Chipper pets one of the dogs

9512 - Kana and Katie pet the dogs.

9519- All the dogs meet everyone. Lindy talks about them and their care.

9522 - Inside for a personal presentation about artifacts, the Iditarod and mushing, etc.

9523 - Then home to plant some pansies, eat lunch and play ball!

Sunday Soccer

Katie plays a pick-up game of Sunday soccer ar=t the Middle school from 11am-1pm. She usually gets a ride there and back with Keely and Okie (as we all aren't ready to go by 11am). (9496)

Pictures of Kanoa

Kanoa turned 4 months old on Tuesday 4/28/09. Wow! Time is going so fast! And, let me say...he is growing. Jim calls him "The Chunk." He is a big boy for sure. All breastmilk (of course!!).

Kanoa in the carseat on 4/18/09 (photo #9491)

Signs of garden growth! Spring is here!

Here is our garden on 4/17/09. (Photo #9486)

And some crocus' are blooming! It happens so much later here than in NJ! (Photo #9487)

Here is the beautiful flower Leo gave to Katie! It smells wonderful. All the seashells are from his recent trip to Florida. So sweet!

(9627)And here is the garden on 4/30/09 - Thursday.

Thursday April 30th

Kana rested on the couch first thing in the morning.

Then it was nail painting, ball playing, What time is it Mr. Fox, quesadillas and ice cream and sandwiches outside.

A beautiful day at Lake Damariscotta! Tuesday 4/28/09

We are out of hibenation! It felt like a tropical day this past Tuesday! We met Michelle's and Mary Jo's families at Lake Damariscotta and had a blast (9526).

Mary Jo holds Kanoa for the first time (9528).

And Michelle enjoyed holding baby Kanoa too! (9534)

9532 - Katie, Li, and Jewel get in the water for the first time this season. How cold is it???

9539 - Gunny holds up a log with visable beaver teeth marks on it.

9538 - All the boys (Li, Gunny and Charles) took turns showing how strong they were lifting and pumping the log. Here are Li and Charles.

9541 - Kana made a treat for the birds by her sandcastle.

9542 - Colorful photo of Kana and some buckets of sand and a beach chair.

9546 - The 3 boys in the water.

Also met Melanie who is a homeschooler with 5 kids and a dance teacher in Damariscotta. (9548)

9557 - Kana in the water being silly. That's that Kana smile!

9560- Kana sat in a mud/sand puddle, or "pool" as Li called it (he made it for her)and did not want to go.
She did willingly leave after I explained everyone was leaving and she rinsed off in the water. But she kept getting sandy on the way back to the car, so I suggested she just take off her bathing suit and rinse again. To help, I piggybacked her part way and she walked the rest of the way herself (9565).

So funny how little kids feel so fine walking around naked in public. Only Melanie and Mary Jo's families were still there, so it wouldn't have bothered anyone and I didn't think anything of it (no strangers were around).

Mary Jo invited us to stop for ice cream on the way home, but I wasn't sure how much money I had and I thougt that I should make a beeline home in case the baby is unhappy in the carseat. Never mentioned that to the kids as it would be disappointing.

The ride to and from the lake takes us by farmland and woods. We were excited to see a small flock of wild turkeys on the way home! (9566)

Shortly thereafter, Kanoa began to express his unhappiness by beginning to cry. Oh oh!! Made it to Agricola Farms on Rt 17. Stopped there to nurse, hold him and do a diaper change.

We talked about getting icees on the way home, but decided to shower first and see how it goes with baby. Plus one of the kids needed to use the bathroom. After we got home and showered and dressed, Katie helped with putting laundry in the washer and I nursed Kanoa.

Here's me and Kanoa just before heading to town. (9567)

We tried to get to the Village Shop for slurpies before 5pm, but they were already closed. Met one of the employees (or owners?) outside and he felt sorry we missed getting out treats, but said he hoped they would taste even sweeter next time. (9568)

Everyone was remarkably optimistic. Katie said that we could still go to the library to pick up the items we rerquested that she was excited for. Li and Kana were excited too because one item was a Scooby Doo DVD. And Li said that we could still get his gum at French and Brawn and maybe get pizza too (we had mentioned that possibility).

Here is one of the nicest people I've ever met, Diane Jones, who works at the library(9569).

Diane took a picture of us too (9571).

Camden Harbor - Notice the schooner Mary Day is almost ready for the season! (9572)

And here is the butcher who is always so kind at French and Brawn. Don't know his name, but I always seem to order 2 lbs of Caldwell Farms ground beef from him(9573).

Here we are at Camden House of Pizza. "Uncle Jeff" (as he is called) didn't want his picture taken, but offerred to take one of us (9579).

Katie loves to read wherever we are, especially after getting a new book from the library! (9581)

Could it get better? Yes! Wolfie joined us!



(9586) Kanoa needed a "diapy change" before we headed home. Not much room to change him in the van in spite of it being bigger than the old Subaru. Miss the back hatch of the Subaru in moments like these!!

(9587) Ready to go home!!

Li and Kana watched Scooby Doo and Katie watched Idol in Grandma's room (9599). They were tired and sunburned.

After Idol, Katie worked on her story and made new cards.

I need to brush you!

Kana was in the kitchen with me yesterday morning (April 29th). She was about to sneeze and said, "I think I need to brush you!" I said do you mean you need to "bless you?" Do you need to sneeze? Yes, she agreed!

Funny what she thought a sneeze was called!

Li reads

Yesterday, April 29th, Li read the names of all the Scooby Doo episodes on a DVD case. I exclaimed, "Li! You can read!!" He said "Yes, I can read! I can do it! I am proud of myself!" Then he said that I taught him. I said not really, I thought he taught himself. And he really has. I always answer any questions he has about words and have done those big word cards with him if he was interested in doing them. But not that often. Mostly he has learned I think because he is ready. And he has a MO. He wants to read what is on the instructions for Pokemon or Magic the Gathering or on various computer games. He wants to do some of the chatting on games. He wants to read to Makana or Kanoa. And sometimes he wants to follow recipes. Those are what I think motivate him. It is so true that kids will read when they are ready and when they have a purpose. Cool!

PS. I have noticed that Li was reading more and more over time...over months, maybe a year or more. So hearing him wasn't a sudden surprise, but I was excited for him just the same as he seemed to be doing it with more ease!! He is just putting so much together now! I am amazed even though I understand the process!! Yeah, Li!!

(9596)Here's the Scooby Doo case he read with many titles of episodes. Nice of Li to help Kana find the episode she chose.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Save the Ants!! Free the children!!

Li revere's life. The life of animals and bugs in addition to humans. He frequently asks questions about slavery, especially child slavery. ie. Last night we were watching the "Shirley Temple Festival" DVD and he noticed there were alot of black kids around Shirley Temple (he didn't say "black"...I am using that word as that is what I grew up calling African Americans). He asked if they were the slaves. I said I think they are supposed to be. Then the cannibals in the show were black as well. Turned out the kid who saves Shirley Temple was white. Go figure. I don't like how certain cultures were portrayed in spite of that being how things were in the past. It is so unfair!!

Li also wants to free all child slaves around the world. We read somewhere about a child being forced to put pesticides on cotton plants and he thought that was horrible. It is! And it is true that this happens places. I know some people think that we shouldn't tell our kids every rotten thing that happens in the world. However, there are so many wonderful things that happen too. I choose to be honest and tell and discuss everything as it comes up. That is how we learn. I am not trying to glorify only the good or scare with only the frightening stuff. I choose to be honest and real. I may tactfully explain scary things, but I still do tell the truth.

The ants are coming into our house. Big black ones. Carpenter ants? I still haven't had a chance to review my own data sheets on ants. I'll add that to my "to do" list - ha! I never used to kill bugs, but since living here in the Maine woods, I must admit I do often just crush or step on the ants. Most spiders I take out if I can, but there are just so many of those ants!! Especially when the little brown ones come out. This year though, we have lots of the big, black ones. Jim sprayed vinegar under the fridge to discourage them there as that seemed to be a hot spot. (Some vitamin water broke near it a month ago or so and I think some might have run under the fridge where I couldn't get it...and that fridge is too heavy to move!!). Li said the ants are like us and just want to find food and live and we shouldn't kill them. They have a right to live just like we do!! (Gosh, I hear myself least my former self before I became an ant crusher!!)

Spring Peepers are here at last!

The wood frogs have been out for a little while now. However, last night I heard at least one spring peeper make that tell-tale peeping/chirping sound!!! In spite of being up for Katie's throwing up a few times beginning around 4am (she had a stomach bug last Thurs/Fri..and again last night..or was it the two old, unrefridgerated Easter eggs she ate last night after watching Erin in the play The Jungle Book at the Camden Opera House?), I was very excited to hear these seasonal frogs!! Yeah!

I have still been trying to get a glimpse of the wood frogs, but can NOT catch sight of one yet. Yesterday Makana said she did see one, but I still have not. She said the one she saw was very small. Maybe it was a peeper then? Every time I get near the pond, the wood frogs cease calling to one another and I see the doppler effect of circular rings in various spots in the I know where they were.

Kana plants a stick

Li planted a tree recently. Perhaps that is what gave Makana the idea of planting a stick. She knew it needed soil and water and made sure to give it both of those things. But when Li protested that it wouldn't grow, she wondered why. Li was getting upset that she insisted it WOULD grow. She too was becoming frustrated that he was telling her something different than she believed and/or hoped. I explained to Li that she will learn it won't grow and to please stop telling her it won't (as it was upsetting her). She then seriously asked me why it wouldn't grow. I reminded her of our recent conversation about our Christmas tree which is still sitting in our front yard (we talked about how once it is cut it can't grow and is dead). Explained how seeds or plants with roots will still grow. But not dead, cut off tree limbs. Think she is beginning to understand. Interesting process.

The 2nd Annual Green Fair and Citizens for a Green Camden wins an award from the New England EPA!!

Saturday April 18, 2009 was the 2nd annual Green Fair. Here's a picture of Kanoa and me behind our table. Kanoa is the newest and youngest Citizens for a Green Camden member.

Good news for Citizens for a Green Camden: We just won an award from the New England EPA which will be given to us on an Earth Day Ceremony at Faneuil Hall in Boston this Wednesday April 22, 2009. Marsha sent in the paperwork explaining the work we have accomplished and we won!! Great news!!! This will likely give our group more credibility as well.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! 4/12/09

4/12/09 - Where are those Easter eggs? (Photo #9474)

4/12/09 - Boxes of surprises from Grandma and Jene!! (Photo #9478) -

Coming downstairs in the morning. (They waited patiently for Wolf to hide the eggs that Katie filled last night.)

#9476 - Video of Jim doing hot/cold to find the last eggs. Some video of Kanoa too.

#9482 - Jene's box of Easter Surprises! Katie divies it up.

#9483 - Grandma and Grandpa's box of Surprises! And some video of Kanoa - 15 weeks old today!!

#9484 - The bunny dances. Kids jump on plastic bubble wrap, etc.

Meet Linda (from March 24th, 2009)

Linda Rocks Y'all!!

Here's the video we put out on youtube for the Speno's (made on 3/24/09).

April Happennings

4/4/09 Saturday - Li's karate ceremony on the MRC ice skating rink.

4/4/09 - Saturday - Li receives his gold belt from Mr. Andrew.

4/4/09 - Saturday - Li is the second person from thr right in the second row. (#9465)

4/9/09 - Thursday - (9471) Kana's "house" for birds and bugs. Li made one too...with a beach!! Katie was inside on the couch with a stomach virus.

4/9/09 - Thursday While we were outside, we heard the wood frogs in the pond for the first time this spring!! Jim heard them this evening too!

4/10/09 - Friday - A pair of mallard ducks were in the pond! I bet it is the same pair that have been coming since we moved in almost four years ago. Katie came out for a bit and we fed them old bread.

Toward the end of the month, we heard the true "spring peepers" and saw frog spawn in the same areas as the previous years. Wow!! Oh, and I finally SAW a frog - a big one - with his eyes peeking out of the water. Neat!

4/27/09 - Katie was writing a story about spies and has very specific personalities for each character and tells the story from 2 different characters points of view. It is still being added onto and she gets her bursts of creativity at night. It is quite funny! Since she was including the meaning of names in her story, she wrote the meaning of each of our first and middle names (9590).

Also, she has been making cards - beautiful and colorful ones - which take her hours to draw and color. If she sells them, she thinks $3 is a fair price. I have always admired her drawing and use of colors. Whether she creates an outfit or creates art, her use of colors is fantastic!

(eventually add the pictures of cards here)

4/28/09 - Here is the bug I caught to take outside so Katie would feel comfortable using "Grandma's room" to watch Idol. (9595)

Wednesday 4/29/09 - Li and Kanoa. (9602)

Kana and Daddy (9604)

(9605) Li

9607- Kana's picture of herself. We all saw different things in the picture. The outside is a heart. The inside is a face.

9608 and 9609 -

Kana wearing her favorite Dora shirt (it doesn't light up anymore though) and Li's old spiderman shorts.