Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kanoa and Kanoa Together!

Kana loves to be with Kanoa, or as she calls him tenderly, her "little one." Here are some photos of them going back to his birth. Staring with wonder at his birth...

Holding him the night he was born...

Nursing our babies (her Beary) together...(1/25/09)

This photo taken just before breakfast time on 2/9/09...

Here is a video of Kana interacting with Kanoa. This is very similar to how Li interacted with her when she was a baby.

2/24/09 - One day, Kana placed all of Kanoa's future teething toys on him. (I watched carefully and Kanoa didn't seem to mind.)

Kana with a playful smile - photo taken same day.

Kana with another playful smile taken 2/11/09. We had been taking photos of her wearing the new outfit my mom sent and then she began to be silly! She cracked herself up for having a photo of herself scratching her butt!

Kanoa on 3/10 - Huge smiles!

Kanoa seriously staring at the camera.

Kanoa on 3/15 - This is a common expression of our happy boy! I said aloud that I might check out the book "The Happiest Baby On the Block" and either Katie, Li or Kana (can't recall which) said, "We already have the happiest baby on the block!" We do too! Not only do we have the only baby on the block, but our little guy is a happy, mellow baby for sure!

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