Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Peepers are here at last!

The wood frogs have been out for a little while now. However, last night I heard at least one spring peeper make that tell-tale peeping/chirping sound!!! In spite of being up for Katie's throwing up a few times beginning around 4am (she had a stomach bug last Thurs/Fri..and again last night..or was it the two old, unrefridgerated Easter eggs she ate last night after watching Erin in the play The Jungle Book at the Camden Opera House?), I was very excited to hear these seasonal frogs!! Yeah!

I have still been trying to get a glimpse of the wood frogs, but can NOT catch sight of one yet. Yesterday Makana said she did see one, but I still have not. She said the one she saw was very small. Maybe it was a peeper then? Every time I get near the pond, the wood frogs cease calling to one another and I see the doppler effect of circular rings in various spots in the I know where they were.

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