Thursday, April 30, 2009

Li reads

Yesterday, April 29th, Li read the names of all the Scooby Doo episodes on a DVD case. I exclaimed, "Li! You can read!!" He said "Yes, I can read! I can do it! I am proud of myself!" Then he said that I taught him. I said not really, I thought he taught himself. And he really has. I always answer any questions he has about words and have done those big word cards with him if he was interested in doing them. But not that often. Mostly he has learned I think because he is ready. And he has a MO. He wants to read what is on the instructions for Pokemon or Magic the Gathering or on various computer games. He wants to do some of the chatting on games. He wants to read to Makana or Kanoa. And sometimes he wants to follow recipes. Those are what I think motivate him. It is so true that kids will read when they are ready and when they have a purpose. Cool!

PS. I have noticed that Li was reading more and more over time...over months, maybe a year or more. So hearing him wasn't a sudden surprise, but I was excited for him just the same as he seemed to be doing it with more ease!! He is just putting so much together now! I am amazed even though I understand the process!! Yeah, Li!!

(9596)Here's the Scooby Doo case he read with many titles of episodes. Nice of Li to help Kana find the episode she chose.

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