Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday 4/24 - Ryker Kennel Tour

Here are some pictures from the kennel tour that Katie arranged with Lindy Pendleton. Lindy invited Katie to help work at the kennel by feeding the dogs, scooping up poop, giving supplements and maintaining the trail for 3-4 Saturdays now and in the fall. She is very excited. I and baby will be going with her and I bet I'll learn alot too.

9507 Some of the group.

9510 - Chipper pets one of the dogs

9512 - Kana and Katie pet the dogs.

9519- All the dogs meet everyone. Lindy talks about them and their care.

9522 - Inside for a personal presentation about artifacts, the Iditarod and mushing, etc.

9523 - Then home to plant some pansies, eat lunch and play ball!

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