Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kana plants a stick

Li planted a tree recently. Perhaps that is what gave Makana the idea of planting a stick. She knew it needed soil and water and made sure to give it both of those things. But when Li protested that it wouldn't grow, she wondered why. Li was getting upset that she insisted it WOULD grow. She too was becoming frustrated that he was telling her something different than she believed and/or hoped. I explained to Li that she will learn it won't grow and to please stop telling her it won't (as it was upsetting her). She then seriously asked me why it wouldn't grow. I reminded her of our recent conversation about our Christmas tree which is still sitting in our front yard (we talked about how once it is cut it can't grow and is dead). Explained how seeds or plants with roots will still grow. But not dead, cut off tree limbs. Think she is beginning to understand. Interesting process.

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