Sunday, April 12, 2009

April Happennings

4/4/09 Saturday - Li's karate ceremony on the MRC ice skating rink.

4/4/09 - Saturday - Li receives his gold belt from Mr. Andrew.

4/4/09 - Saturday - Li is the second person from thr right in the second row. (#9465)

4/9/09 - Thursday - (9471) Kana's "house" for birds and bugs. Li made one too...with a beach!! Katie was inside on the couch with a stomach virus.

4/9/09 - Thursday While we were outside, we heard the wood frogs in the pond for the first time this spring!! Jim heard them this evening too!

4/10/09 - Friday - A pair of mallard ducks were in the pond! I bet it is the same pair that have been coming since we moved in almost four years ago. Katie came out for a bit and we fed them old bread.

Toward the end of the month, we heard the true "spring peepers" and saw frog spawn in the same areas as the previous years. Wow!! Oh, and I finally SAW a frog - a big one - with his eyes peeking out of the water. Neat!

4/27/09 - Katie was writing a story about spies and has very specific personalities for each character and tells the story from 2 different characters points of view. It is still being added onto and she gets her bursts of creativity at night. It is quite funny! Since she was including the meaning of names in her story, she wrote the meaning of each of our first and middle names (9590).

Also, she has been making cards - beautiful and colorful ones - which take her hours to draw and color. If she sells them, she thinks $3 is a fair price. I have always admired her drawing and use of colors. Whether she creates an outfit or creates art, her use of colors is fantastic!

(eventually add the pictures of cards here)

4/28/09 - Here is the bug I caught to take outside so Katie would feel comfortable using "Grandma's room" to watch Idol. (9595)

Wednesday 4/29/09 - Li and Kanoa. (9602)

Kana and Daddy (9604)

(9605) Li

9607- Kana's picture of herself. We all saw different things in the picture. The outside is a heart. The inside is a face.

9608 and 9609 -

Kana wearing her favorite Dora shirt (it doesn't light up anymore though) and Li's old spiderman shorts.

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