Thursday, April 30, 2009

A beautiful day at Lake Damariscotta! Tuesday 4/28/09

We are out of hibenation! It felt like a tropical day this past Tuesday! We met Michelle's and Mary Jo's families at Lake Damariscotta and had a blast (9526).

Mary Jo holds Kanoa for the first time (9528).

And Michelle enjoyed holding baby Kanoa too! (9534)

9532 - Katie, Li, and Jewel get in the water for the first time this season. How cold is it???

9539 - Gunny holds up a log with visable beaver teeth marks on it.

9538 - All the boys (Li, Gunny and Charles) took turns showing how strong they were lifting and pumping the log. Here are Li and Charles.

9541 - Kana made a treat for the birds by her sandcastle.

9542 - Colorful photo of Kana and some buckets of sand and a beach chair.

9546 - The 3 boys in the water.

Also met Melanie who is a homeschooler with 5 kids and a dance teacher in Damariscotta. (9548)

9557 - Kana in the water being silly. That's that Kana smile!

9560- Kana sat in a mud/sand puddle, or "pool" as Li called it (he made it for her)and did not want to go.
She did willingly leave after I explained everyone was leaving and she rinsed off in the water. But she kept getting sandy on the way back to the car, so I suggested she just take off her bathing suit and rinse again. To help, I piggybacked her part way and she walked the rest of the way herself (9565).

So funny how little kids feel so fine walking around naked in public. Only Melanie and Mary Jo's families were still there, so it wouldn't have bothered anyone and I didn't think anything of it (no strangers were around).

Mary Jo invited us to stop for ice cream on the way home, but I wasn't sure how much money I had and I thougt that I should make a beeline home in case the baby is unhappy in the carseat. Never mentioned that to the kids as it would be disappointing.

The ride to and from the lake takes us by farmland and woods. We were excited to see a small flock of wild turkeys on the way home! (9566)

Shortly thereafter, Kanoa began to express his unhappiness by beginning to cry. Oh oh!! Made it to Agricola Farms on Rt 17. Stopped there to nurse, hold him and do a diaper change.

We talked about getting icees on the way home, but decided to shower first and see how it goes with baby. Plus one of the kids needed to use the bathroom. After we got home and showered and dressed, Katie helped with putting laundry in the washer and I nursed Kanoa.

Here's me and Kanoa just before heading to town. (9567)

We tried to get to the Village Shop for slurpies before 5pm, but they were already closed. Met one of the employees (or owners?) outside and he felt sorry we missed getting out treats, but said he hoped they would taste even sweeter next time. (9568)

Everyone was remarkably optimistic. Katie said that we could still go to the library to pick up the items we rerquested that she was excited for. Li and Kana were excited too because one item was a Scooby Doo DVD. And Li said that we could still get his gum at French and Brawn and maybe get pizza too (we had mentioned that possibility).

Here is one of the nicest people I've ever met, Diane Jones, who works at the library(9569).

Diane took a picture of us too (9571).

Camden Harbor - Notice the schooner Mary Day is almost ready for the season! (9572)

And here is the butcher who is always so kind at French and Brawn. Don't know his name, but I always seem to order 2 lbs of Caldwell Farms ground beef from him(9573).

Here we are at Camden House of Pizza. "Uncle Jeff" (as he is called) didn't want his picture taken, but offerred to take one of us (9579).

Katie loves to read wherever we are, especially after getting a new book from the library! (9581)

Could it get better? Yes! Wolfie joined us!



(9586) Kanoa needed a "diapy change" before we headed home. Not much room to change him in the van in spite of it being bigger than the old Subaru. Miss the back hatch of the Subaru in moments like these!!

(9587) Ready to go home!!

Li and Kana watched Scooby Doo and Katie watched Idol in Grandma's room (9599). They were tired and sunburned.

After Idol, Katie worked on her story and made new cards.

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