Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! 4/12/09

4/12/09 - Where are those Easter eggs? (Photo #9474)

4/12/09 - Boxes of surprises from Grandma and Jene!! (Photo #9478) -

Coming downstairs in the morning. (They waited patiently for Wolf to hide the eggs that Katie filled last night.)

#9476 - Video of Jim doing hot/cold to find the last eggs. Some video of Kanoa too.

#9482 - Jene's box of Easter Surprises! Katie divies it up.

#9483 - Grandma and Grandpa's box of Surprises! And some video of Kanoa - 15 weeks old today!!

#9484 - The bunny dances. Kids jump on plastic bubble wrap, etc.

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