Thursday, March 28, 2013


I was recently reading posts with real-life examples of children choosing to being polite and appreciative - likely because their parents modeled that for them, they feel grateful and it means something to them to show their appreciation.

Later that evening, Makana was taking a very long time in the shower and other people still needed to shower as well. I asked her to finish up. She asked for another minute and then came out. She had spent some extra time in there cleaning the mold in the shower! When I told her "Oh, that's why you were in there so long!" she was so proud and showed me the spots where the mold was now gone. So nice!

Then that same evening, I was in bed earlier than everyone else and was trying to write before the others came up. As Li came upstairs and in the bedroom, I noticed my toenails were too long and I said aloud that I wished I had brought the toe nail clipper up with me. Li chatted with me and went back downstairs, but returned shortly with the toe nail clipper! He handed it to me and told me that since I often bring him things, he thought he'd do the same for me! Sweet!

Kindness is so nice when it is returned, but not because it is expected, but because someone Wants to be kind back. Life is good. :D