Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 29th and 30th 2011

Saw this at our friends house! 6/29/2011

Playing at Elm Street Park

Some backyard painting....6/30/2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Few Photos From Jim's Birthday Week - and Makana's birthday week too!

6/19/2011 - Jim took a trip out to Curtis Island to photograph the lighthouse.  Caretaker Dee Dee Conover gave Jim a boat ride to the island and a tour of the keepers house!  What a beautiful day it was!

Wolf's Big 50!!!!  Here's some pics from his day - Everyone got some special time with Daddy:

Start off the morning with a coffee on top of Mt. Battie overlooking Camden Harbor.  Katie joined Wolfie and took this picture.

Took Li to soccer and watched Li play.  Either Katie or Kana went also.  I stayed home and made Aunt Florence's secret cheesecake recipe.....ummm'mmmm!  Good!

Lunch with Makana at Miller's Lobster Pound in Spruce Head, ME....

While Wolf and Kana were out to eat, I took Katie and Kanoa and Zach to the lake to swim. 

On their way home, they picked up a bbq grill and we made burgers for dinner.  

Kanoa fell asleep on the way home from the lake.
And of course cheesecake for dessert!  Happy Birthday Wolfie! 

Chk out Kanoa swiping the cake!  Not a bad idea!  :)

Below are some pictures from our visit to Pemaquid Beach on 6.21.2011:

They were all by each other.  So I asked if they would all stand together for a pic!  (It does look posed...caus it is.)

Makana made lots of sand angles

Wolfie and Kanoa taking a walk along the water's edge....exploring and picking up all sorts of things.  Jellyfish, seaweed, rocks..

Did I mention this was Jim's B-I-G 50!!!!!

Kanoa did not want to put down the crab or the jellyfish!

And then he found interesting seaweed (rockweed I think it was)
Seaweed, jellyfish, it all!

Drawing letters and numbers in the sand...


June 23rd was Makana's 6th birthday!!!  Yippee! 

On June 24th, Jim went on a  Lighthouse Cruise in not so great weather, but at least got to see some are a few pics: