Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 1 - June 15th 2011

Grandma visits and asked Makana if she could brush her hair.  6/1/2011

Makana and Grandma! 6/1/2011

Me and Mom  - So wonderful to see her and hug her!!!  x's and o's!!  6/1/2011

Mom!   6/1/2011

Makana and Kanoa hanging out outside.  6/2/2011

Makana and Grandma relaxing for a moment. 6/2/2011

Kanoa playing on the swing. 6/2/2011

Makana showing Grandma how she climbs all the way to the top of the pole and then slides down.  6/2/2011

Grandma taking a few photos before heading home. 6/20/2011

Kanoa trying to jump rope. 6/2/2011

Mom photographing me while I'm photographing her!  6/2/2011
Cool stormy clouds in the sky.  6/2/2011

We caught a leopard frog in the pond.  6/2/2011

Kanoa is interested in the frog too.  6/2/2011

Let's get some more frogs!  6/2/2011

Makana took this photo of me and Mom.  6/2/2011

Katie holding Kanoa, Wolfgang, Makana and Li - I was trying (hoping) to get a picture of everyone, but Kana and Kanoa were more interested in playing - hey, that's more fun than posing for a picture!  6/2/2011

Katie and Wolfgang 6/2/2011

Katie and Wolfgang and Kana wanting to play and Li in the background 6/2/2011

Gabby, Keely and Katie 6/2/2011

Makana picking out earrings - she really wants to get them pierced.  What kind should she pick out?  Birthstones! (for June there are two: moonstone and pearl)  She picked out the purplish ones listed next to June. 6/3/2011

6/3/2011 - This is what the others were doing in Claire's while Makana was choosing her earrings.

Love this picture of her looking at herself in the mirror.  6/3/2011

Just before the earlobes were pierced.... 6/3/2011

Me and Katie before she went to the eighth grade formal dance on 6/15/2011.  I look like my Grandmother!  So funny to see/notice!

Li has been taking photographs alot lately.  This one came out so beautiful and clear!  It is the first rose in Makana's garden on the new rose plant we just added a couple of weeks ago.  6/11/2011

Li has also been taking photographs of birds and squirrels. 6/11/2011

6/13/2011 - Kanoa knows just where to look for donuts in the fridge.

6/13/2011 - But they are all gone!

6/15/2011 - Rhodo plant - swallowtail butterfly flitting amongst the blooms.  Makana and I both tried to capture it on film.

6/15/2011 - Still trying to photograph the swallowtail butterfly.

Makana has been asking me to keep her window open so she can photograph houses and whatever else she likes as we drive.  We pulled over so she could photograph these lupines and buttercups.  6/15/2011

We picked up silver nailpolish for Katie and went to Maddie's to drop it off and take pictures of the girls getting ready for their dance.
Kanoa especially loved playing with Derbie the dog!

Gabby's toes!  6/15/2011

Maddie, Kaylin, Keely and Gabbie 6/15/2011

Maddie, Kaylin, Keely, Gabbie, Katie 6/15/2011
Silly photo
Maddie and Katie

Maddie and Katie

Keely and Katie






Katie and Maddie

Kaylin and Katie

Gabbie and Katie

The girls holding Makana 6/15/2011

This is what the kids were given when they graduated from 8th grade.

What it said inside

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