Friday, December 10, 2010

Random cleaning and organizing

My kids have been helping out so much lately.... 

A few days ago Katie spontaneously reorganized the pantry in the kitchen!  She even alphabetized the spices! (Katie was chatting with Jim as she was doing the organizing and he mentioned that it might be easier to find the spices if they were alphabetized rather than in order according to size.  She liked that idea and tried it out.) 

Earlier the same day Makana organized the play kitchen.  We took a picture of it to remember it before Kanoa played with it as he would move things around. 

A day or so later we went grocery shopping. When we returned home, Katie helped put the groceries away taking care to keep the kitchen cabinet organized.

Yesterday Makana made her bed taking care to make it look smooth and decorate with her pillows and stuffed special bears.  She made sure it still looked just as good when Daddy came home so she could show him.  She was so proud of herself!

Today Makana had a rip in her black stretchy pants.  I was busy with Kanoa and Makana wanted to mend the pants right away.  Katie offerred to help, got out a needle and thread and sewed them!  Voila!  Wow!!

Makana has recently been combing her hair, using cream rinse to keep it tangle free, taking extra notice as to how she looks with regard to her hair. 

She also wanted to clean the bathtub/shower and did so drying every last drop of water and admiring how nice it looked to her. 

She and Kanoa have been enjoying using wipes (Kanoa's bottom wipes) to clean the windows or the glass sliding doors.