Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Misc pictures from the family camera - October and November 2014

Keely, Nya and Wolfgang hanging out. 10/25/2014

Homeschool Group Halloween Party 10/31/2014 at Appleton Library

Beautiful fall colors in the grass on the way home.  Appleton, Maine 10/31/2014

Walk through the Woods hosted by the Waldorf School.  10/31/2014 at MerrySpring Nature Center, Camden, Maine

11/3/2014 - Makana standing out in the back yard.  Big Snow so early in the season!!  This was the first time Nya ever saw snow...and wow..she got to see a lot and a power outage that lasted from Sunday through Wednesday night! 

I like this shopping bag. :)

Well.....I did clean out the fridge after a few days of not having power.  I'm writing this on 11/26 and the fridge still isn't back to being full as I got rid of a lot of things we never used.  Hey..more space for cool air to circulate!  :)  Plus it is easier to find things!

I know you can't see them, because I can't in this photo either!  But one day we were getting ready to head out and Makana saw two deer in the backyard!  One in our back yard by the garden and the other just a wee bit in the woods. Makana, Li, Kanoa and I kept watching them for a long time.  I swear they could hear us though and were very cautious.  Finally they did run away showing their white tails.  11/18/2014

Notes re: possible meeting places for Homeschool Gym for Jan/Feb 2015

Various gyms to consider in the area:

Point Lookout - Was going to charge us $60/2 hours, but then changed their mind.  They won't be renting out the gym space at this time.

Pitch - $5/pp or 50 for 1 1/2 hours or $35 for a 10 punch card

Thompson Center, Union, Maine (I didn't take photos...but she showed me a large room on the right side when you first come in.)  Laurie was the contact person there.

Dave's World, Rt 220, Liberty, ME 589-4780 - $50/2 hours 50 x 100 space, has tables, chairs, floor space to run, floor is made of concrete, has bathrooms and heat.

Baptist Church, 29 Chestnut Street, Camden, ME (see pics below) 236-2195

Lincoln Street Center gym, Rockland (see pics below)

Belfast YMCA - Contact Karen: 338-4598, 1 hour $40 for 1/2 gym is the normal rate, but she will give us the whole gym for $60 or half the gym for $30 (If we do the half gym, if no one is there, we could use the whole gym.  But if someone comes in, go back to half the gym while they shoot hoops or otherwise use the space.).  Thursdays are not good.  Friday's from 11:45 - 1:45 are good though.  In the future, if we ever wanted to rent the "Community Room" it is 25/hour.  The therapy pool is 75/hour.  Stephanie is the aquatics person and we could check with her to see if it would be okay if anyone wanted to swim laps.

Pen Bay YMCA - Contact Paula Williamson at 236-3375 - Just found out that they WILL match the Point Lookout price! Great!!  Now to figure four dates/times and send an email to see if we can still get 12 families for twenty dollars for those four dates (comes out to five dollars per family per date).

The upstairs gym at the Baptist Church on Chestnut Street, Camden, ME

Pictures from the gym at the Lincoln Street Center in Rockland, ME.
Contact: Keith Mackenzie
24 Lincoln Street

Fall Photos of Shirttail Point, Camden Maine from 10/30/2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Modeling and Kindness - a post by Amber Stippy

I really liked this post by Amber Stippy on the Radical Unschooling Facebook group. It was posted on October 18th. I wrote to her to ask if I could share it because it was such a great example of modeling and kindness!! It's a perfect example of why how we treat our kids and others is so important. Read on...feel the karma!

"Two weeks ago, I had to cancel a lunch date with my daughter. We're buying a house and the bank asked for a document. Then they asked for another and another. It took over an hour of searching, scanning, emailing, and feedback to get everything done. During this time my daughter slid me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She didn't say anything, didn't get any recognition, she just quietly put it on the desk and left. Later I come down and apologized for missing lunch and thanked her for the sandwich. Her reply was "I know what it's like to be very hungry and not be able to stop". 

How does she know that? Because at 2, she was coloring so intensely that she didn't stop and I brought her cheerios. At 5 she was studying leaves and couldn't take a break and I brought her apples. Now at 8, she's so into Penguin Club that she doesn't take a break and I bring her that same peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

It doesn't matter if it's coloring, being outside, play video games or getting documents for a mortgage. It is all equally as important from the perspective the activity is being done from. 

Has she learned mindfulness with me bringing her food? I'd say so. She was very mindful of my needs at the time. 

When I went into the kitchen, the peanut butter, jelly, and bread were all left out and open. She was in such a hurry to take care of me, everything else was second on her mind. According to the statement above, I should make her mindful of the food that was about to get stale. I didn't. I cleaned it up. Why? Because one day, I'll leave the bread out and her reaction will be "oh no, the bread is about the get stale, let me take care of that". And she will. Isn't kindness the best lesson?" - Amber Stippy

Friday, August 8, 2014

If you knew everything in the world...

This afternoon Li (age 13) was talking about how he likes games to be challenging.

He said, "If you knew everything in the world, life wouldn't be as fun because you wouldn't learn anything."

Guess he likes to learn and enjoys a challenge!  I agree - it does keep things interesting!


If you could be anything....

This evening, I asked Makana (9 years old) if she could be ANYTHING in the world, what would she be.

She said "That's a hard question"  She thought a few seconds and stated, "Happy."  Then thoughtfully added, "Loved and appreciated.  Appreciated.  Because that makes me happy."

Wow.  Like!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Popcorn popped from nuking a dried corn cob!

We went to Beth's Farm Market and bought a dried corncob.  Instructions said to place it in a paper bag and nuke it for 2 minutes - 4 minutes.  Man, that was cool!!!  Yummmmm!!!  I bit off the remaining popped corn right off the cob!