Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sawyer Fredericks on The Voice!!

We sat around the tv last night to watch Sawyer Fredericks, whose family are our camp neighbors when we go to the WeShine Unschooling Conference. Sawyer is 15 and has a soulful, powerful voice that beckons you to listen (with your mouth dropped open!).

He was on The Voice last night!!!  I told Katie about it and she sat with her host family on the Big Island of Hawaii to watch! They too thought his performance was awesome!  

All week we were trying to guess who he picked to be his coach. So glad he picked Pharrell, because Happy was one of the songs sang at last year's unschooling conference! And Pharrell was the one who said, "This is your destiny...and it's really about what you want to do.." which is so unschooly and such a perfect fit!! Sawyer said on the show that one of the reasons he chose Pharrell was because he "...talks about originality and allowing you to go your own way. I think that really goes with my style". Cool! Sheesh....not only cool, PERFECT!!!

If you'd like to check out Sawyer's Website, visit http://www.sawyerfredericks.com/ or check out his page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/SawyerFredericks.


Adding this on 3/23/15 - Christina Aguilera praises Sawyer saying, "There's no teaching what you do!"  http://www.activistpost.com/2015/03/christina-aguilera-praises-unschooler.html

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