Friday, August 8, 2014

If you knew everything in the world...

This afternoon Li (age 13) was talking about how he likes games to be challenging.

He said, "If you knew everything in the world, life wouldn't be as fun because you wouldn't learn anything."

Guess he likes to learn and enjoys a challenge!  I agree - it does keep things interesting!


If you could be anything....

This evening, I asked Makana (9 years old) if she could be ANYTHING in the world, what would she be.

She said "That's a hard question"  She thought a few seconds and stated, "Happy."  Then thoughtfully added, "Loved and appreciated.  Appreciated.  Because that makes me happy."

Wow.  Like!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Popcorn popped from nuking a dried corn cob!

We went to Beth's Farm Market and bought a dried corncob.  Instructions said to place it in a paper bag and nuke it for 2 minutes - 4 minutes.  Man, that was cool!!!  Yummmmm!!!  I bit off the remaining popped corn right off the cob!