Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Frogs, Mount Battie and Special Collected Rocks 5/31/2011

5/31/2011 - Catchin' frogs

5/31 - Let's look for more! "More frogs!" Kanoa says.  Sometimes Kanoa dips the net and dumps it out (leaves fall out) and he says "No frogs."

View from the tower on Mount Battie.

5/31 - Makana and Wolfgang - Camden harbor below - view from top of tower on Mount Battie.

Another view looking down towards Camden harbor - 5/31/2011

5/31 Another view from the top of Mt Battie

5/31 - Makana, Li and Wolfgang at the top of the tower on Mount Battie

This nice man at the top of the tower noticed that Li seemed afraid of heights and expressed that he too had that.  Just before Li went down the spiral staircase, he asked the man if he had ever gotten over his fear of heights.  He and Li had a conversation and the man explained that he did still have a fear of heights, but encouraged Li to keep trying to work on it and get past it as best he can.

5/31 - Me, Kanoa, Kana and Li with Camden harbor in the background.

This is the tower at the top of Mt. Battie.

Kana enjoys finding sparkly rocks.

Many special rocks and shells we collect go alongside the garage.  Others go inside particular glass jars which sit in the kitchen. 

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