Sunday, May 29, 2011

Misc May Activities

5/13/2011 -Hooping by the Harbor every other Friday.  Check out Maria's website fmi:

Makana and I at our first Friday hooping time!

Love the vibrant spring colors!  Wish I had taken a picture of the bold forsynthia flowers bright and yellow! 5/14/2011

Day Lillies coming up! 5/14/2011

Was so proud I didn't burn the egg and cheese omlet!  It came out so nice looking I had to take a photo. 5/17/2011

Jim helps Kanoa try to talk through the megaphone at Walker Park.

Kanoa loves to wrestle with Daddy! 5/22/2011

Love it when they have such a good time together! 5/22/2011

Kana, Li and Wolfgang play Sorry. 5/23/2011

Daddy and Kanoa play "catch" as Kanoa calls it. 5/23/2011

Katie joins in with a brownie snack she and Wolfgang made earlier. 5/23/2011

We tried to grow wool on the Amazing Sheep.  Alas, it wasn't very amazing....  The directions did say humidity and movement could affect the outcome.  And it was moved a couple times and it was very humid out.  Oh well.... 5/28/2011

Went ice skating on Sunday 5-30-2011 - neat to be in a cold place and then go back outside to such a warm environment!

It was nice that we basically had the whole rink to ourselves (except for two other skaters who ended up leaving shortly after we got there).  Lots of space!

Makana pausing for a moment..

Think this is our broccoli plant from last year...and doing well!  (Deer!  Stay back!)

Strawberry plant we just transplanted as a seedling last week.

Radishes!!!  Think we need to space them out a bit...hmmm.

Chocolate mint plants making a comeback!  Yum!  And especially yum coupled with Stevia!  Our stevia plant didn't survive the winter (or I can't tell them apart from the weeds!)  Was told by a grower at the farmer's market that stevia would not last if they were not brought inside over the winter.

Lemon balm plants thriving in the tomato patch.  (No tomato plants in there yet, but this plant is doing great!)

Lily of the valley plants!  Bought these at Merryspring when they had a plant sale because my Grandma used to have these all around her trees and they smelled so wonderful and remind me so much of her and childhood and her

Anyone know what these are called?  What is a good site to look up the names of plants (maybe by color)?

Kanoa sporting a hat to help stop the black flies from biting his head!

Makana and Kanoa eating pizza together.

Kana and Kanoa were being silly with their food...he was mimicking what she was doing and they'd laugh together!  So glad they are great pals!

Kanoa wanted Daddy (preferred Daddy) to hold the pizza a certain way and then he'd take a bite.

Kanoa at Walker Park enjoying the tube slide!

Kanoa LOVES to throw things.  So....we often head to the water where he gets his fill of throwing rock after rock into the water.  I do it too or try to skip rocks with Li.  Li often tries to show Makana how to throw a good "skippah."  Skipping rocks is great family time together!  Li especially loves it and remarks about how fun doing that is.

Such a beautiful view here down by the water!

Notice the lighthouse in the background over Makana's head.  That's Indian Point Light in Rockport, ME.

Love how they are both standing and looking out, each to different directions.

Wolfie and Kanoa throwing rocks.  Still.  Yep, Kanoa loves it that much!

Li checking out the seaweed (mostly rockweed I think)

Spin us Daddy!

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