Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update on School (one and a half months into it)

Katie is still loving school for the most part.  However, her favorite teacher, Mr. Dow, left due to medical reasons.  Her least favorite subjects are still the same; science and spanish.  Her previously favorite subjects, history and language arts (both taught by Mr. Dow) are now lower in the list.  Moving up to favorite subjects now are art and math. 

This makes me feel that having a specific kind of person for a teacher did make a difference to Katie in how much she enjoyed the class and subject.  It seems to make a difference also in how she perceives the teacher feels about her personally as well.

One recent challenge has been getting adequate sleep and food.  We're investigating possible ideas as to what is causing various unpleasant symptoms and what she/we can do to help.  She had a ocular migrane for the first time ever this past week.  We wonder if she may be have hypoglycemia and are doing some research on that condition and how to help it.

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