Sunday, April 19, 2009

Save the Ants!! Free the children!!

Li revere's life. The life of animals and bugs in addition to humans. He frequently asks questions about slavery, especially child slavery. ie. Last night we were watching the "Shirley Temple Festival" DVD and he noticed there were alot of black kids around Shirley Temple (he didn't say "black"...I am using that word as that is what I grew up calling African Americans). He asked if they were the slaves. I said I think they are supposed to be. Then the cannibals in the show were black as well. Turned out the kid who saves Shirley Temple was white. Go figure. I don't like how certain cultures were portrayed in spite of that being how things were in the past. It is so unfair!!

Li also wants to free all child slaves around the world. We read somewhere about a child being forced to put pesticides on cotton plants and he thought that was horrible. It is! And it is true that this happens places. I know some people think that we shouldn't tell our kids every rotten thing that happens in the world. However, there are so many wonderful things that happen too. I choose to be honest and tell and discuss everything as it comes up. That is how we learn. I am not trying to glorify only the good or scare with only the frightening stuff. I choose to be honest and real. I may tactfully explain scary things, but I still do tell the truth.

The ants are coming into our house. Big black ones. Carpenter ants? I still haven't had a chance to review my own data sheets on ants. I'll add that to my "to do" list - ha! I never used to kill bugs, but since living here in the Maine woods, I must admit I do often just crush or step on the ants. Most spiders I take out if I can, but there are just so many of those ants!! Especially when the little brown ones come out. This year though, we have lots of the big, black ones. Jim sprayed vinegar under the fridge to discourage them there as that seemed to be a hot spot. (Some vitamin water broke near it a month ago or so and I think some might have run under the fridge where I couldn't get it...and that fridge is too heavy to move!!). Li said the ants are like us and just want to find food and live and we shouldn't kill them. They have a right to live just like we do!! (Gosh, I hear myself least my former self before I became an ant crusher!!)

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