Sunday, August 30, 2009

August Happenings

Argh! Is Kana Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or a Pirate?
Kana tackles Li! (She must be a pirate!)
8/11/09 - Argh me hardies!
The three Wolfrum boys in their Hawaiian garb. Aloha! (Yes, Jim still wears Hawaiian Reyn Spooner shirts to work every day! When it's cold, he wears a tshirt under it.)
8/14/09 - Kana climbs up (just like Li did at her age...4 yrs old) to get things from the high cabinet. No matter how we try to keep things low that the kids might want, they do so love to climb up high to peek in the cabinets and just see what is there or to get something they know is there and that they want.
8/14/09 - Katie made up a restaurant for Li and Kana.

- Here's Li's menu - check it out. Click on the picture to see it better. It has a photo of Kanoa at the bottom and the restaurant was called "Three Kids Restaurant." The motto was: Three Kids Restaurant - “Where you eat like a King or Queen”

8/15/09 - Kana asleep in the car.
8/15/09 - What Kanoa's car seat looks like.
8/17/09 - This is a pic of the whole area that was built and was special to the creators.
8/17/09 - Dog house.
8/17/09 - We think this was Katie's building of Kana's Dora Legos. It was special, hence the photo.
8/17/09 - Just regular us brushing our teeth - even the baby likes to have his own brush now! He wants to do it too! We used to say "A family that brushes together stays together."

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