Monday, July 6, 2009

What our day was like today (Monday 7/6/09)

Beautiful day today! Katie and Keely were together all day. I made an egg/toast breakfast. Read Rocks, Rocks Rocks and Scooby Doo and the Samuri Sword to Li and Kana while they built with blocks. Li played lots of Magic Cards. Kanoa took a long nap. Kana painted outside. We had an early dinner made, but then left half of it to get to karate. Li did karate and Kana joined in on the games. Listened to part of Peaceful Parenting (the free mp3 online...copied it to Li's mp3 player and have been getting bits and pieces when I can.) Keely stayed for dinner and hung out with Katie while the rest of us were gone. They were eating sweeties and painting toenails and fingernails. Kana had hers done. Then we scootered while Kanoa napped in the car, flew kites, did Li's obstacle course he made up in the backyard. Keely left. Jim came home and played outside too while I nursed Kanoa and then we all went for a walk. Kana wore goggles while in the stroller...funny! Li then wore them in the shower and took a towel in the shower to wrap around him (don't get the towel in the shower part, but he was happy) - took a picture of him. Katie is still trying to revise the date for Li's surprise party. She keeps checking the weather and making sure that Keely can be there. We decided that maybe Saturday might work best. Thursday we may try going on a day trip as Jim has Thurs and Fri off and next Wed off. Now Jim just looked up what Toadie means for me so I could see it- here it is:

(See definition number 1)
A side kick, a tag-a-long, one who is sent to do the dirty work.
Vito was dissapointed when Vinnie didn't make good on his his wager; so, he sent a couple of his toadies out to break his shins.

Glad I wrote this as I won't even remember what I did by tomorrow!!

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