Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Happennings 2010

Tuesday 5/25/2010 - Katie offered Kanoa a bit of her chocolate ice cream and he liked it.

5/26/2010 - Two of our babies snoozing in the family bed.

5/26/2010 - Kana and Kanoa play the drums together. Kanoa has especially been digging the drums lately!

Video - 5/26/2010 - Here is Kana and Kanoa having a drum fest! (better check your volume control before you hit the play button!)

Grandma is coming! Grandma is coming! Everyone is so excited. As I type this, Makana is making a special picture for Grandma and hopes that she loves it! This art was made earlier in the week in anticipation of Grandma's visit this Sunday.

     Saturday 5/29/2010 - Kana and Kanoa do more chalk in the garage. This has been a favorite thing for the kids lately - making chalk pictures all over the garage!

           Saturday 5/29/2010 - This is what our flower/butterfly garden looks like for now.

Oh!!! A great thing happenned today! I have been looking for a stevia plant and a chocolate mint plant for the garden ever since my friend Doreen Laperdon-Addison in NJ let me taste them together - yum! I found a stevia plant at the hardware store last week, and today I asked around at the farmers market if anyone had one, but they didn't. Then Katie told me there were free plants to take home. I think people were supposed to take just one, but it was the end of the market and so whatever was left anyone could just take. Katie said she really wanted that mint plant. Guess what! It was a chocolate mint plant!! The lady who donated it is the lady who makes the jams. One person said it spreads rapidly and I think the lady who donated it said not so rapidly. I am so glad!!!! What a lucky day! There it is in the round, black plastic pot. (Now it is planted in our back yard garden! Hooray!)

            Saturday 5/29/2010 - Here's Jim working on our own tomato garden!

Kids Can Grow 4-H Program, Waldoboro, Maine - Wednesday 5/26/2010 - Went to Alford Lake and then went to this program. This is the 2nd time meeting. Came home with tomato plants, marigold, cucumber, and other seeds. Getting closer to planting at home. The garden beds are put together, just need the soil.

Here is the dirt being delivered! Time to get those gardens going!

Here's Joe March (AKA The Dirt Guy) dumping the soil by the garden beds! Joe gave us this amazing booklet that he compiled with lots of tips from customers and information about his products! Absolutely wonderful! Hope to share it on our Citizens For A Green Camden website! Below this photo is a video of Joe dumping the dirt from his truck on our back lawn. Very exciting for Kanoa especially!

OUR BIRDS!!!!! Here's a video of our three baby robins taken on Tuesday 5/25/2010. Kana is very excited and whispers "Oh my God!" a couple times.

Two photos taken the same morning (Wednesday 5/26/2010). Reminds me of our family bed and how we sometimes have body parts falling or laying on one another


Photo taken on Friday 5/28/2010 in the late morning.

Video of the three baby robins is also from Friday 5/28/2010. The mother bird is still on them most of the time, although she does leave the nest often to find food. It has been a bit more chilly beginning Thursday into Friday, so she has to make sure they are warm even though she must feed them so often. I noticed that she sometimes has her beak open. Once (on maybe Tuesday or Wednesday when it was very warm) I noticed that even when she was startled and flew to a nearby branch she kept her beak open. What is the purpose of that? It must be something to do with feeding or digesting food for the babies.

Two photos from Saturday 5/29/2010 - Look at all the feathers!!!



 Saturday 5/29/2010 - Just a quick video of the three birds. Nothing much different really than the last video, but including it anyway.


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