Thursday, March 17, 2011

Katie Enrolled In School Officially - Day 4

So far Katie is loving school.  It has been very difficult for her and whoever else gets up or wakes up early in the morning.  Luckily, most often the other kids continue sleeping.  But if I go down to make Katie eggs, Jim needs to stay awake to make sure Kanoa doesn't get up and try to walk downstairs by himself (he still needs to be spotted going on the staircase and would be especially groggy first thing in the morning, esp that early).  We used to go to bed around 2am and get up around 11am.  Big change for her to go to sleep earlier and get up at 5am.  Yikes!  We are completely in flux right now, but I suppose we'll get used to the changes and some kind of rhythm will evolve.  It didn't help coming down with the flu/terrible cold either.  We are still coughing.  Jim had the cold the Friday before Katie tried out school.  But then on 3/9, that first Wednesday and Thursday that she got up to "try out" school, we woke up earlier and didn't get as much sleep for a couple of days.  The time we slept began to change and the colds began circulating through the household.  Although it might have happenned anyway, I do think that when we get alot of rest we tend to stay healthier. 

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