Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Mom, that was just weird"

Katie and Keely had rehearsal for West Side Story late again this week.  Kanoa and I were heading out to deliver them a pineapple pizza at the high school.  Kanoa was being very loving and gave me kisses after I put him into his car seat (he often says I love you and gives kisses).  I gave him a bunch of kisses on his head and after I shut the door I blew a kiss through the window of the minivan.  I peered in through the tinted windows and caught his blown kiss back to me.  "Awwww!" I thought.  He's my "kissee" and I was loving the sweet exchange.  We waved goodbye in a sweet way.  I get in the van and he says, "Mom, that was just weird."  Omg.....I could only laugh.  Where did he pick those words up?  Probably from Makana (I have heard her say that) or maybe from a show.  So funny.  I did ask if he meant the kisses we blew through the window (to be sure) and he said yes.  Weird.

Kanoa is now 3 years and 9 months old.  Where is the time going!!?  It's hard to remember back to what life was like when he was a baby now!  And dare I say....he is communicating a bit more and life is getting easier overall for him (and me too!) - there is just a teeny bit less upsetness (thank goodness!!!).  I see some positive changes here and there.  And I am glad.  :)  

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