Sunday, January 6, 2013

Doing things for others can make you happy says Li

We were on our way home from our friend Liam's 4th birthday party.  We stopped off at French and Brawn to get some things and then began driving home.  As we passed the assisted living facility on Washington Street, I said to Li, "Oh!  We forgot to mail a card to that nice man that smiles and waves!"  The kids and I talk about him often as he has brightened up many of our days because he sits in a wheelchair outside near the street and waves and smiles at every person and car that goes by.  We look for him and wave back and have been surprised at how often he is there.  We chit chatted about the man and then Li said that when people do something that helps others, it is really about themselves.  They do it because it makes them happy.  It makes them feel good inside to help others or they wouldn't do it.  (Very wise young grasshopper!!)  I agree, though I think some people do things out of obligation or guilt (maybe they forget they have choices or worry what others would think if they didn't do xyz).  Even that might have some selfish qualities because they are temporarily happy or relieved to have gotten whatever they felt obligated to do done.  Later resentment might kick in or that feeling of I did too much...again.  That is one reason to slow down enough so you can understand what you and your body need and want and to take the time and make the effort to care for yourself.  It is okay to not be able to do everything you wish you could do. 

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