Sunday, July 14, 2013

Visit to Pemaquid Beach

On Saturday July 13th, we went to Pemaquid Beach - Makana put seaweed in her hair and I had to get a pic!!

Our beach chairs before we sat down.  We got there in the late afternoon as we enjoy it when it is less crowded and less of an intense sun....though it was a bit cooler than we thought it would be.  

Katie reading and Wolfgang hanging out.

Li with a towel around him being silly...

Wolfie and Kanoa in the water...Kanoa was the Boogie Board King!!  Learning to ride in on gentle waves at first.  Then when larger (though still gentle) waves came in, he was ready!  Kanoa had a HUGE grin on his face whenever he rode in the wave - awesome!!

The sandcastle that Kanoa and I built.

For a sweet ending to the relaxing time at the beach, we stopped at Round Top to get ice cream on the way home.  Kanoa had fallen asleep on the way there, so I hung out in and near the car while the others enjoyed their ice cream on the back porch (which was fine with me as I wasn't in the mood for ice cream and I was able to chat with my mom for a bit on the cell phone).    

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