Monday, September 30, 2013

Apple Picking, Carrot Digging and Apple Pies

This past Saturday, Jim, Li, Makana, Kanoa and I went apple picking.  We also got to dig up carrots!  That was unexpected fun!  We always end up getting way more apples then we think we need - partly because the kids like picking so much!  But in the end, the apples will all get eaten one way or another! Tonight (Monday), Katie made 3 apple pies - with some help from Wolfgang!  One pie she is going to trade with her friend for a peach pie.  I thought that was very cool!  And let me say....the pie she made was quite tasty!  She used my Grandma's recipe (her great-grandmother's).  Delicious!  And so cool to be using Grandma's recipe...makes it extra me anyway!

Kanoa has been liking to wear his spiderman outfit lately.  He thinks people will think he really is spiderman.  So he usually tells me to tell them that he is not.  He is Kanoa.  lol!

The really BIG pie was for us all to eat!  Yum!!
Yes, they are as good as they look!

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