Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Wig Joke

So while we were in Key West, Katie and I went out browsing the shops and I tried on this wig:

(Me being goofy trying on wigs in the costume shop in Key West- photo snapped with Katie's cell phone.)

I have always wanted to have a hairstyle sort of like this...kinda punky...maybe some dye.  But as of yet I haven't done so.  But maybe I will one day! ;)

When we got home, I kept thinking how cool it would be to actually get my hair cut in that kind of style.  If only I could try on that wig again and see if I really liked it or not.  Plus, I could play a joke on Jim and the kids...I could go to my upcoming hair appointment and come home wearing the wig!  That would be so fun!!!  I don't play tricks often, but this seemed like a good one!  :)

First I had to get the wig.  I didn't remember the name of the store, but did remember where it was sort of located.  So I used google and maps to search and I found it!  The store had the wig in stock ("The Anna") and I ordered it!  29 bucks!

The wig arrived on Friday, the day before my hair appointment!  Phew!  I tucked it into my dance bag so I wouldn't forget to take it with me.

On Saturday morning I taught dance, went to the library book sale, and then to my hair appointment.  I told Chris (the awesome hairdresser that I've gone to for years) about the trick and I put on the wig.  She said it was a little small and adjusted it to fit as best as it could.  Some gray bits of hair could be seen by the hairline by my ears, but I was hoping no one would notice.

When I got home, Jim was was a little ...shall I say different... than the usual cut.  He hadn't yet put in his contacts, and so I hoped he might not get a good look at the gray or anything that might give it away.  He said it looked like a squirrel was on my head!  Did he know it was a wig?  Or did he just think it looked a bit a dead animal on my head?!  After further conversation, I confirmed that he did think it was a real hair cut!  ha!

Katie was out, Kanoa didn't seem to care, but Li and Makana thought it was Awesome!  They begged me to call Chris to set up appointments for them.  They wanted the Same haircut!  I wasn't expecting that!!  I wanted to let them in on the joke before I made any calls (thinking that they may not want me to call her after all because she didn't cut it like that).  I stalled for time and said I'd call her on Monday.

I acted as typical as possible and occasionally the kids would look at my hair and ask about getting theirs done and they'd ask questions about the dye and cost and more.  (and I'd giggle to myself)  Jim put on glasses, but still didn't seem to notice it was a wig!  Yessss!  Still fooled!!

I was thinking of how to tell them, but I wanted to see if Katie would be tricked first.  Or maybe she would remember this was the same wig from that shop in Key West. When she got home, we talked about her day, she showed me some things she bought at the mall, and she saw the haircut.  She seemed to genuinely like it!  I couldn't believe that she didn't realize it was that same wig!

Later that night, Jim and I were alone and he scratched his head.  I said, "I know!  My head's been itching all day!  Could be because of THIS WIG!" and I pulled it off!  He was SO surprised and we had a good laugh!  He said I totally had him!  :D  It was so fun to play that joke on him!!

I put it back on so I could do something similar with the kids.  Katie was in bed already though.

Just before the rest of us went to bed, I said to Li (who has been learning to use Photoshop), "You know, if you really want to see what this hairstyle would look like on you, you might want to Photoshop it onto your head."  He said he didn't think he could do that with this hair because it wasn't all even - it would be tricky to do...etc. So I said, "Or you could just try on this WIG!!!" and pulled it off!  Li and Makana were speechless!  Makana then laughed!  She was so surprised!

Li ended up being a little mad at me for tricking him, especially for so long. I apologized as I never meant to do anything but make them laugh!  He really does want to get this kind of cut and some kind of dye too.  He tried on the wig and liked how it looked.

Makana also wants to dye her hair, though she keeps changing how she might want it to be styled. I said I'd save up for a haircut and dye so they can do it.  Li is disappointed that I won't be calling this Monday though - he wishes to do it right away. (And so I do wish I had not said I'd call on Monday...mistake on my part!)

On Sunday, Katie and Zach were making eggs in the kitchen.  I came downstairs with laundry (wearing the wig) and went right past them to put it in.  I wondered if they'd notice.  No one said anything.  I walked over to them to chit chat and Zach was still looking at the eggs.  Katie said, "Oh yeah.  Look at Mom's new hair cut."  So he looks up and smiles.  I forget what I even said, but whatever it was it was Perfect and I pulled the wig off!  Katie at first looked absolutely surprised and shocked, then broke into laughter and squeally high pitched words of astonishment.  She hugged me and laughed so hard she was almost in tears!  I had to go to the next room to help Kanoa, but I heard her still laughing and talking in that high pitched I-can't-believe-it-voice-to-Zach!  Ha!  Glad she thought it was so funny!!  Zach seemed amused too!  Awesome!

My dad used to like to play jokes.  I bet I get that from him.

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