Friday, May 2, 2014

Appreciating a nice moment today...

This afternoon I lay horizontal on the couch while Kanoa sat on the end closest to the tv watching The Jungle Book on videotape.  I thought about how good that very moment was.  Makana had a friend over and they were happily playing.  Katie and Zach had just come in and were hanging out.  Jim was at work and had been in a great mood this morning because he didn't have to go into work on the weekend anymore (his 6 days a week just ended for this year).  Li was excited because we had just ordered a new pair of headphones.  His are broken and he looked up information and customer reviews all day yesterday and this morning and I found thirty dollars he didn't know he had to add to what he saved and made it possible to get a pair he liked.  And I was glad because Jim said he thinks it will work out for me to teach barre at 5pm on Tuesday evenings.  That is Great!

Li enjoyed several bike rides today.  Kanoa dug up rocks.  I cut down a couple of saplings.  We played with boppers, swords and scooters.  Makana and Azure looked for frogs, went scootering, played with Star Wars swords and more.  I got to chat with Lynn and Tony.  And to top it off....Kanoa, Li and I had such a FUN time playing with the water guns!  I love it when I laugh that hard!

Something new...Kanoa didn't mind getting squirted with water - it was okay for him to squirt us and us to squirt him.

And another new thing for Kanoa....he tried a couple pieces of chicken nuggets today.  The first nugget he ate some and then spit out some.  Then he asked for another piece and took his time eating it.  Later he went back and got more pieces and ate some and spit some out.  Then took his time with another nugget or two.  Wow! This is Kanoa's first time ever eating meat (he's 5).  I think he took a teeny tiny taste of a nugget one other time when Azure was here, but he didn't eat it.  So I was surprised!  Li is a bit disappointed as he hoped that Kanoa would be vegetarian like him.

Our day gets even better.....Jim is home from work (10:30pmish) and he is off this whole weekend!  Yay!

This is one of the rocks Kanoa dug up.  You can't tell in this photo, but he was proud of himself and wanted to show me.  I asked if I could photo him holding it. his personality begins to show ("Take one like this!")  Like Li, he loves to make silly faces!

Oh!  I forgot one other sweet thing...while we were outside, Makana told me that Li suggested they pool any birthday money they get together to purchase and share an Oculus Rift.  And though she liked that idea, she said she really wants to get Daddy a grill because she knows how much that means to him.  Wow....that was such a nice sentiment!

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