Friday, June 26, 2009

June Happennings

6/22/09 - Rosie and Matt and da boys are off to London for the summer!

One day (6/25), Li and Makana made a special doggie tent. Here are the sleeping dogs and a photo of the tent.

Makana does her "Mini Me" impression! 6/29/09 - Here is Makana and my horse pen. I am consciously spending more time with Makana as she seems to need more one one one time....well, sometimes I have Kanoa with me too, so it is not quite one on one time, but just more time playing with Makana! It is all good and we both like it! Sometimes I wish I could spend even more time with her like I did with Katie, but I am so glad we have our larger family and wouldn't trade that for anything!!

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