Friday, June 26, 2009

Kanoa's Changes during June, his fifth month

We are so lucky to have Kanoa! He is such a joy to hold and be with. All of us love playing with him and we're all captivated by his smiles.

He can now turn over from back to belly and belly to back like a pro. In fact, he can roll over and over to get where he wants to go. He can also lay on his belly, push up on his hands with arms straight and sort of slide himself backwards to move. It is not safe to just leave him on the bed, even for a minute. It takes planning for me to take a shower if he is up or on the verge of waking. (Thank goodness I am a quick shower taker for the most part!) Li, who is usually up before Katie, tends to play with Kanoa on the bed while I take a quick shower and peek out many times to be sure Kanoa is still in the center of the bed and away from the edges. We pack the sides with pillows and blankets to be sure there is a high ridge that he can't roll over. So far, so good.

Kanoa's first (his bottom right tooth) came in much more and I think it hurts him quite a bit. Been giving him frozen wash cloths and (clean) fingers to chew on to help. He has bit on the nipple a couple of times, but comes off quick when he feels me tense up and yelp "ah!" in pain. Usually he just nurses regularly (without biting) thank goodness. And if I am ever questioning whether he might bite or nurse, I sing a song that I sang when I was in the same situation with the other kids...the "Gentle, gentle, nursie-nur song."

Well, he just woke up and nursed just fine and I had better sign off! Love that full/satisfied/content look in his eyes when he's filled physically and emotionally.

Oh, he went to Lake Alford for the first time yesterday and I dipped his feet in the water. I just held him the whole time except when we sat on the boogie board to nuse once. He's been to Birch Pt St Park twice. Sometimes I call him Kano, Mr. K or say "Who's my Lovie?!!" in that voice that Julie Andrews uses in the Eloise movies.

And is he ever a drooler! Have to change his shirts often.

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