Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday 10/09/09 - Saturday 10/10/09

Here are some pictures from Friday night (10-10-09) and Saturday (10-11-09). Misc house shots and people shots. Kanoa in bath on Saturday morning. Kana made her own bed today. Picture of her two bears, Beary and Fluffy. Mom, Dad, the video is cute - Kanoa in the bath (scroll to bottom for video).

Daddy, Makana, Mommy (Kana was at first upset because she said the one that is sup to be her didn't look like her. But then she displayed it on the fridge, so she must like it now!)
Tom Jones, our neighbor, sent this postcard out when his dog died last winter. Read it. Slow, low and reliable.
Misc kitchen shots.

I made burgers.
Wolf made corn.
Kana made art.
Katie on her laptop.
Li on the computer.
Kanoa in the bath (scroll way down for the video of him in here taken Sat morning.)
Kana made her bed by herself. (And don't try to fix the wrinkles, just leave it and appreciate it and admire it!).
Kana with Beary and Fluffy
Kanoa and I on Saturday morning.

Here's a cute video of Kanoa in the bath enjoying splashing and reaching out for the running water. He LOVES baths and playing in the water so much!

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