Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Happennings

Story about coyotes and fishers in nearby area of midcoast Maine.

10/6/09 - My design with our trapezoid puzzle.
This artwork was done by Makana mostly over a period of a couple of weeks. It was at the table for a long time and she worked on it on and off. She was very proud of it. (Photo taken 10/7/09)
Kana asks Li to please dress up like a prince alot lately. Li is very good natured and doesn't mind looking like a prince, esp for his baby sister (whom he dotes on!). 10/8/09

10/8/09 was my grandfather's ("Pa's") birthday. He was born in 1910, so he would have been 99 years old. He died 2/3/99 at age 88 1/2. Will always miss him!

Thursday morning/afternoon - 10/15/09 - Kana dresses like a clown (Thanks Mom - she enjoys the dress up clothes! And thanks Katie for helping her with her make-up and outfit! Will this be the Halloween costume? Stay tuned...)

On Saturday 10/17/09 - Here are Li's "to do" notes in his special "spy notebook."

On Sunday 10/18/09, we went to a new Children's Museum in Rockland. It was quite impressive! Here are some photos of the kids exploring the hands-on museum.

(Let's just say that Kana was diggin' the section where you could decorate cookies!)
(A weird camera angle.)
Li in a lobster trap!

Katie facepainted Kana's cheek.
This was a magnetic map - place the magnet islands on their appropriate place to learn geography. On the wall above and on some of the magnets is information about the various islands and region in general.

Note: Maine is so trusting of people in general. Ie. - You'd never see real tools being used in a NJ children's museum..too much liability. Do people in Maine trust people more? Or do people here not sue as much and take more responsibility for themselves and their kids? I don't know - just noticing the differences.

On Monday morning (10/19/09) we got a new frige. In the refrigerator manual, there is a warning box with some information about an explosion hazard. The manual advises to "Keep flammable materials and vapors, such as gasoline, away from the refrigerator. Failure to do so can result in death, explosion, or fire." I was shocked about the possibility of vapors being explosive near a fride. Jim said that they have to write that kind of information in there for liability reasons, although it is true that certain vapors would be flammable and pose a hazard. We spoke this aloud in front of everyone. Li was thoughtful and then worried as he mentioned that maybe passing gas could cause an explosion! Don't pass gas by our new frige! Jim reassured Li that although his old college roomate could indeed light up his farts, passing gas by the frige will be safe. It was safe by our old fridge and is safe by this one too. It was actually a thoughtful idea that Li had, although it did crack us up!

It was hard for all my kids to see the old frige go. Change is always hard here! But the new one was accepted and is now loved already. I wonder what the delivery people thought about the kids hugging and kissing the old frige g'bye!

10/19/09 - Here is the toucan that Li made with Kanoa's "big" legos! Cool!

On 10/25/09, we took a walk down to the beach in Rockport. You have to go through a wooded section to get there. It was very wet all the way through the woods, but we made it just fine. A good day to wear Muck boots!!

Katie took the camera to photograph cool rocks, boats, the tide, us, anything she thought was worthy or cool!

Wrote our name on a stone to see if it might still be able to be read next time we go.
View coming toward town via Chestnut Street. Beautiful fall day.
10/29/09 - The kids loved their Halloween cards and candy - thanks Mom/Grandma and Jene!!
10/29/09 - Makana's tent. It is still up in the living room (with add ons and variations) as of 11/6!
We made this cool spiral and maze of leaves in our backyard on 10/29/09. Everyone loved it and had great fun running through it over and over. Me included! Baby was sleeping for a long snooze outdoors (see pic below of baby Kanoa who is 10 months old now as of 10/28/09!!).
Li and Kana play in the leaves.
Our sleeping baby boy!
Kana loves her Erin!
10/29/09 - Me and Kanoa (10 months old).

10/29 - Kana's structure.
10/30 - Li's structure.
Li's friend Emma had a Halloween fundraising event at her school. We attended and met Emma, Bente and Anna there. It was loads of fun for Li! Kana was kind of quiet and only wanted me to act as the go between between the people running each game (which was fine with is just hard to know how much she enjoys things when she feels that way.) Some of the best costumes were the shark and the musher. Photos from this (Friday 10-30-09) are below.

Halloween -
10/31/09 - Kana is an artist!
10/31/09 - Kana loves painting pumpkins!
Katie and Li
Went to Merryspring for a Walk through the woods. The Waldorf school does this, so saw lots of jack-o-lanterns, people dressed up hiding/moving but not speaking and decorations like this interesting tree.
Katie, Li and Makana - Katie was a gothic vampire - We made her dress!! Li purchased his ninja outfit himself. Kana found her princess dress at the thrift store and we already had the crown. Didn't matter much as Kana's costume was taken off little by little as she ended up just wanting to be herself and wear regular clothes.
Daddy pushing Kanoa on Pearl Street - this was our first time ever doing the famous trick-or-treating on Pearl Street.
Loved this kids Mario outfit!!
Li and his pumpkin of candy.
Met up with Spenos and Curtis' on Pearl Street.

Rosie Curtis!
Rosie and Katie pose for a picture.
Harry and Marsha's house has lots of special effects!

Harry talks to people via the skull! The kids LOVE it!
Katie's scary face!
Katie at Marsha's house (Harden Street)
Trick or treating at the Gould Street house...the scary one!!! Ooooohhh!
Tom Jones, our neighbor, on Halloween. We were on Sweetbrier and he drove by in a car, but had this outfit on and I had to get a photo of it! Love the goggles!
Katie and Emma trick or treating.
Checking out their loot and trading and ooohhhing and ahhhing.

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