Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Happennings 2010

2/4/2010 - Kanoa wearing Kana's Dora shirt.  Comfy for him.

2/4/2010- Me and Kanoa

2/4/2010 - Kana makes her own quesadilla.

2/6/2010 - Katie's artwork in progress. This is part of the project she and Karen are working on. 

2/9/2010 - Li makes the "female" symbol out of legos.

2/9/2010 - Kana makes a store.

2/9/2010 - Was Kanoa just watching?  (Or maybe he was making poop?  He sometimes goes off to the side and has that "look"...)

2/9/2010 - Katie making food in the kitchen. 

2/9/2010 - Table with a couple of games and mug on it.  Just a typical day.  Sometimes now I find I am leaving things out overnight and the kids resume playing whatever it was the next morning or doing more art or craft projects.  Sometimes I prefer to clean it up at night and then take it out again the next day.  Depends on my mood and what the kids want too.  If they really want something left out, that's usually what we do.  Even tents have been up and added onto for days (even over a week) at a time.  This is big for me who used to like to clean everything up as soon as possible.  I guess I am chilling out a bit and realizing it is okay and even fun and good to have a lived in house with bits of fun leftover.  It really is good! :)

2/9/2010 - Makana's artwork.  She made a load of paintings on paper plates and then began painting on  construction paper too.  Here are many samples of her artwork followed by a picture of her with all of her pieces of art.

2/9/2010 - Li has been practicing balancing on a ball for a couple of weeks now.  He is really good at it. 

2/10/2010 - This is one of Li's lego buildings.  They are separate pieces put in front of each other which creates depth. 

2/11/2010 - Here's a potato clock we made.  Li also used the things that came in the package his own way.

2/13/2010 - Li's lego structure was changed to reach up very high.

2/16/2010 - Kanoa enjoyed watching the cat that lives across the street come right up to our window as if he wanted to be pet or tell us something.  This cat is usually very skiddish, so I was so excited when we all got to see him up close at his own initiative!  This was Kanoa's first time I think seeing a cat besides in books or at a pet store.  Cool!  We put out milk for the cat in case he was thirsty and might come back.  I hope it doesn't freeze! 

2/16/2010 - Katie watched Kanoa for a bit while I checked email.  She made him a little tent and took videos of him playing which she plans to upload to facebook.  I am so glad he is so loved!

  2/16/2010 - Kanoa staring at and playing with the Christmas Bear that sings "I'm All Shook Up."  We all still love that one Mom!  I know it was for Jim, but we all play it all the time!   

2/18/2010 - Here is Kana with Azure's "Polka Dot Puppy" (Azure, Kana's best friend, let Kana borrow it - we've had it for a couple wks I think now. We wrote a story about Polka Dot Puppy and mailed it to Azure (it's fun getting mail!!) and took this photo to remember having the puppy be our guest for a while! :)

2/25/2010 - Katie and Kanoa checking out a frog book.  Kanoa loves to sit with someone up high on the couch - bet he feels big - and he loves reading too (ie. looking at pics) 

2/28/2010 - I usually was the one to be cool about the boys wearing "girl" clothes.  Why not try on the dress even if you are a boy...who cares!  It IS fun to watch the dress poof out when you spin!  This time around (having baby Kanoa, our second boy), *Jim* noticed that Kanoa seemed to be trying to put on Makana's pink heart dress.  Kanoa kept pressing it to his body as if he was trying to somehow put it on.  Jim asked him if that is what he was trying to do and offerred to help.  Kanoa wore the soft dress all morning.  Kanoa loves soft things - like the soft fleece blanket we sleep with (he sort of snuggles it at night along with nursing and snuggling into me). 

A little history - A few months before Kanoa was born, we got a dresser for the new baby to be.  I had found and washed and put away baby things in it.  Kana said she wanted to use the middle drawer...sort of share it with Kanoa.  Fine with me.  So that is how it goes.  Kana has her clothes in the middle drawer and also shares Jim and my dresser (has two drawers - one for pants and one for shirts...at least that is how it is now).  When I do laundry, Kanoa loves to open Kana's middle drawer and either put clothes in it or take clothes out.  (Kana and I laugh at him!)  Once he saw her heart dress in there (she bought this dress with her own money at Reny's), he kept taking it around with him - this went on for a while.  He must have really liked it.  And Kana didn't mind - she said it was okay.  Once he peed on it and we had to wash it...she was even okay with that.  She is pretty easy going with regard to things baby's might do (thank goodness!!).   Anyway, that is how Kanoa got the dress the morning that Jim was home and saw that Kanoa wanted to put it on. 

Here is one more photo of Kanoa and Jim from that morning.

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