Saturday, March 20, 2010

St Patricks Day and Sat 3/20/2010

3/17/2010 - Katie helped Makana dress up for St Patrick's Day!

3/20/2010 - Saturday - Jim was off this day and it was beautiful!!!!  Unusually beautiful!  At 10am (yes, very early for us) we went to make pysanky eggs at Merryspring Nature Center.  We bought a kit so we could try making them at home.  (And also because I tried to rinse the turpentine off Makana's egg - it took off some of her dye and she was upset and we didn't have time to make another.  But it was good to get the kit as Jim said he wanted to try making them too and he had not had a chance at the class as he hung out with Kanoa while I helped Kana.) 

Later that day, Katie went to a birthday party (her friend Francie's) and Li went to the Magic The Gathering tournament at the Knowledge Vault.  Jim, Kana, Kanoa and I hit the beach!  Yes, it was fun!  And relaxing too!  A teaser for summer!  Here are some pics!  This was Kanoa's first time this season at the beach and in the sand.  Pretty cool!  He seemed to really like the sand.  I finally did take off his soft shoes and he enjoyed walking around in the sand and feeling it between his toes.  It felt so good to sit on the warm sand! 

Gosh...all these pics of Jim and Kanoa came out so good....I think though I like the first one best because of their crinkly eyes and smiles.  But they are all good! 

Jim wanted to take a couple photos of me and Kanoa, but Kanoa wanted to nurse.  Nursing first!  We never got back into taking pics...just enjoyed hanging out, making sandcastles and skipping stones instead.
All in all, a great day!

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