Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday 3/21/2010 - mostly about Makana

Makana and Kanoa were in the bath tonight...just about a half hour ago. Makana kept trying to kiss Kanoa who was sitting in the corner of the tub next to the spout. I thought Kanoa was getting irritated at her many kisses. I asked her to give him some space and finally I said "Stop kissing him - No more kissing." But just as I was saying that, Kanoa leaned forward and made three kisses to Makana (sounds with his lips, but no contact...but you could tell it was supossed to be a kiss). I exclaimed, "Awww...he's trying to kiss you now!" Both Makana and I were surprised and Kana said that he loves her (Kana pronounces loves like it has two it sounds like "loveis" - so cute - and she still calls a sneeze a "bless you!!"). Then they both took turns kissing each other. I gave them each a kiss and agreed that they do indeed love each other very much!

Then we played with the Captain Tony plastic cups and the rubber duckie. We tried to get that duck to float right side up as it seems to flop over on one side or the other. Makana told me she could make it float and said that if you hold it by the head and gently place it in the water, it works. I tried it and it did work. We usually can only get it to float the way we wish when we stick it in a cup full of water. Usually the tub has too much turbulence for it to float right side up.

Then Makana and I were trying to get the Captain Tony cups totally full of water so that they would stay down and not float up. I told her that air remaining in the cup makes it float up. She then tried filling one cup with water (totally with water so it would stay heavy and submerged) and the other with air. She didn't understand that air just got into the cup because the cup was taller than the water level and would just remain in the bottom of the upside down cup when it was just overturned and placed down. She had actually tried blowing into the cup to "capture the air" and then swinging the cup around trying to "capture air" before submerging it...which I thought was kind of funny.

After the bath, Makana said she was sorry for the times when she has been mean to Kanoa and it was probably because she felt jealous. (I think it was me who has talked to her about being jealous as the reason for why she has acted in certain ways toward Kanoa in the past - maybe I shouldn't have ever said that aloud, but I truly think that is what happens some of the time. Noticing this does help me remember to make an extra effort to give her attention or to make her feel special. And I think that connecting time just spent in the bath made her think of how much she loves him and that might be why she said that.) She also said that Erin and Azure are her best friends and she didn't know who she liked better...Azure...Erin! She couldn't decide.

Downstairs, Kana said that she loves Kanoa so much that even when he gets married, she still wants to be with him.

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