Wednesday, July 7, 2010

6/21/2010 - Day Trip to Stonington and Isle Au Haut

Jim is off on vacation this week. We are all excited to spend lots of time together having new adventures and enjoying warm weather fun. On Monday, we got up early to go to Stonington, ME and Isle Au Haut. I felt a sore throat coming on in the morning and if it weren’t for the day trip, I’d have gone back to sleep to help thwart off the oncoming cold. Instead, we had a full day of touring old and new places, swimming, and hiking. Jim and Li had a boat trip, hiked, and visited Isle Au Haut lighthouse. In spite of the many horse flies that like to follow Li, he told Jim that this was one of the best days of his life. They both bonded by spending lots of one on one time together doing something exciting in a place neither had been to before.

The photos below are from a hike Kanoa, Katie, Makana and I took to an old quarry.  There were some signs explaining about the rocks and the quarry.  A person in Stonington town also gave us a brochure about the hike.  The deer or horse flies were annoying and I didn't have a hat, but Kanoa's yellow stretchy shorts did the job!  Katie found a knitted hat and Kana wore one of Kanoa's extra ones.  We were all set! 

After our hike, we found a great swimming spot to hang out and cool off! 

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