Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visit to Massachusetts for the Lighthouse Cruise out of Scituate

6/25 - Headed to Rockland, Mass so that Jim and Li could take a special lighthouse cruise out of Scituate this weekend.  Hotel was nice and even had a pool with saline instead of chlorine.  Perhaps that is why frogs and even ducklings visited it!  We especially had fun with the frog in the pool the first night! 


Katie  (Love this pic of her)  Kanoa in the background.

There's our guy!

The Wolf..

Kana and Li..

Kanoa fell asleep...

And then Kan and Li fell asleep too...

Katie entertained herself taking pics.....

Kana brought along her two new dolls she got for her birthday....a Barbie doll that bends and a Ken doll that bends.  She calls the Ken doll "Hottie" because it said that on the box.  We all cracked up!  Everytime she looks for Hottie we laugh!

What else do we do on long trips?  Eat of course!  Lots of food and snacks and water.  A DVD player, a backpack of special things for Kana, Nintendo DS's, books, crayons and paper...we're all set!

Another Katie pic

A bathroom stop for most of us and a diaper change and nursing stop for Kanoa.  Kanoa liked seeing all the birds by the place we stopped.

6/26 - Saying bye to Daddy and Li who were very excited to go on the cruise!

Look at all the people waiting to board! 

We all liked the shop right next to the pier!  Very interesting as it had lots of rocks and minerals, cool clothing, interesting trinkets and Kana bought a see through rock shaped like a heart for Daddy.  We walked around Scituate town a bit, lost the camera lens that goes under the cap (darn!) and then headed to Rexhame Beach to meet Jon and Rowan Kream!  So nice to do something fun while Jim and Li were off doing their lighthouse thing!

Katie and Rowan and Kana


So nice to dig and play on a real sand beach! 

Jon introduced Kanoa (who likes to line things up) to a new game of putting rocks on his legs which he dug..

It was a hot day in spite of being at the ocean!

Rocks rock! 

After a long day, Kan and Kanoa took a rest!  Isn't it great to be able to do that whenever you need to?! 

The next day (Sunday), we met the Dorsey's at Plymouth, Mass.  So glad to see them before we headed home!  It was another hot day in Massachusetts, even by the water! 

Katie, Maeve and Drue

Jean and Mauve

We climbed aboard one of the tall ships visiting the harbor.

And here are some Lighthouse Pics from Jim and Li's trip on Saturday:

Scituate Lighthouse

Minot's Ledge Light - Many years ago, I surprised Jim by hiring a boat to take us out to Minot's Ledge Light.  What a cool trip it was!  It was a small boat and a guy named Mike McDevitt took us out.  Mike lived on Peddock's Island and his mom made the boat he took us out in.  We still fondly recall Mike's use of the word "Buddy" when he talked on his cell phone and in general conversation.  He seemed like a really nice guy. 

Nantucket Lightship

Boston Light - We also visited this light when we were with Mike McDevitt.  Got to meet the lighthouse keeper who worked for the coast guard (Liutenant Hair) and he gave us a private tour of the tower! 

(insert photo of Lt. Hair when I have time to scan it)

This is the original Minots Ledge lantern.  Nearby is a pattern for carving blocks for the tower. 

We walked up to this bridge hoping to watch people jumping off the other side.  Missed it.  When Jim and I were here years ago, we got to watch people jump.  It is really high!  Higher than it looks in this photo.

On Sunday coming home, we needed a bathroom break and a rest for Kanoa as the Museum of Science in Boston.  Because we have reciprocal membership with our local museum, we were allowed four free tickets!  A good stop...

Finally, a moose!  (Still haven't seen one in Maine!  Yet...)

The kids, esp Li and Kana, LOVE this contraption and remembered it from last time!  It was a must see!

How many Wolfrum's can you fit in a dinosaur fossil?



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