Monday, February 21, 2011

Makana Gives Out Valentine Hearts

2/14/2011 - Makana wanted to make valentine hearts for everyone in our neighborhood.  She wanted to go door to door to give them out.  She cut out many sizes of valentines for a few nights to add to the collection that she had and put them all in a bag.  Li, Kanoa and I went with her to the houses she wanted to go to.  Sometimes she stuck a valentine in a mailbox.  She delighted many neighbors we knew and we even met new neighbors.  She said that it made her heart feel so good to make others smile and she loved all the thank you's.  Tom (one of our favorite neighbors) surprised her by giving her a bar of organic dark chocolate! 

Li often went with Makana to spread valentine cheer.

"I'm giving out my hearts today!  On Valentine's Day!  I'm five right now!"

One of the houses they dropped off a valentine to.

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