Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Feelings On Katie Wanting To Try Out High School Next Year

Wed feb 2, 2011 – I posted on radicalunschooling yahoo gp the following:

(snip - took out part I was responding to and beg of post and left in more relevant part)
My 13 yr old will be trying out high school next year. Because I don't truly like the institution of schools for various reasons (and I love our unschooling life and philosophy and having her with me and the rest of the family so much), my wish was that my children would continue to unschool.

However, the thing I want most for my daughter is for her to do what she wants to do. Right now she wants to understand what school is all about - being graded and taking a full load of courses.

The thing I want most for me is to truly be happy and accepting and understanding and supporting of her just as I'd be for any other endeavor she wants to explore. Her going to school will help me to learn even more about how to keep loving and be grateful for her experiences she will be having even though she will be making choices very differently than I would.

Deep inside I have different fears (and I am still slowly thinking on each of them). Overall though, I trust her own decision about this and I know it will have lots of learning experiences for both of us (whether it is the best thing she has ever done or whether she decides it wasn't for her).

Laurie (mom to Katie 13, Li 9, Makana 5 and Kanoa 2)

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