Monday, January 17, 2011

Misc Family Time

(Note: Lost the actual date I wrote this....going back and publishing some of the many drafts I have started and never finished...taking a guess that this was mid January 2011??)

Katie and Li have been playing Yughio all day!  This is Katie's first time playing with Li and they both sound like they are really enjoying it.  Lots of loud talking, Li laughing, both of them involved doing something meaningful to each of them and connecting with one another.  So good to witness!  I love being able to see this happen!

Kana just counted out 20 valentine paper doilies and wanted me to count them aloud too(which I just did).  She wanted me to see that there were really twenty because at first many of them stuck together and she thought she only had four.  Kana loves to surprise people!  She is off to make valentines!  I'll join her shortly. 

It snowed all day today.  I was making soup (Kanoa just said "Pee" for the first time and pointed to his diaper area!!!  He has just finished his nap and a long nursing session.  His "pee" sounded like "eeee" but I realized what he meant after he repeated it and pointed at his diaper area.  He is a great communicator!  Took a break from writing this.....Kanoa did the same thing again tonight - he said Peeeeee and pointed to his diaper area!  Cool! It almost sounds like how he says "cheese" too.  Luckily I will be able to tell the difference I think!)

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