Saturday, July 2, 2011

Funtown Splashtown 7/2/2011

Went to Funtown Splashtown late in the day.  We got there about an hour after you can get the discounted late day combo tickets.  We had wished we were there just a bit earlier, yet in the end it seemed like we had just the right amount of time as everyone was in good spirits for the whole trip and had lots of energy and fun!  We love this place! 

Kana went down the tube rides with Jim and I this time.  Kanoa still liked the baby sprinkler/splash pool.  Katie helped get him used to the water by playing with him.  Jim and I took turns going with Makana.  Li is comfortable going on his own tube now! 

At Funtown, Kanoa seemed interested in how the carosel worked.  He also really liked the kiddie bumper boats.  We did alot of driving the antique cars while the others went on different rides.  Li went on a roller coaster for the first time....twice!  (not Excaliber, the other one!)  And as always, the log flume was a hit!  Kana went on that for the first time!  Whoa!   Must take after her daddy as Jim loves thrilling rides like the roller coaster (maybe not a free fall type ride, but he loves coasters and flumes!).  Katie still prefers not to go on those kind of rides - glad she goes with what she feels comfortable with.  I am more like Katie, although I love the log flume sometimes and have even tried the swings and when I was younger loved most rides!  Much less into the kind of rides where your stomach flips and flops now!   

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